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Adobe Photoshop EXpress

Stock-photo sites

Stock-photo websites host the vast majority of stock photos in the world. They are not exclusive, meaning that you can’t become a _Photoshop World_ subscriber to get access to their library. You can, however, purchase stock images online or you can download them from sites such as `` and ``.

Stock-photo websites are very good at helping you find the image you want. All you have to do is search for the particular photographic elements you’re looking for, for example “flowers,” “moon,” “water,” or “sunset,” and add some words that describe the type of image you want. For example, if you’re looking for a picture of a surfboard, try “board,” “surf,” and “beach.” If you want to

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This guide covers the basics and how to use Photoshop Elements. We will cover the most common editing workflows and most powerful features. This guide covers Photoshop Elements 12. Elements 13 contains some minor changes.

We will cover

Using the program’s features: Overlays, filters, layers, adjustment layers, paint and media tools.

Manipulating the various tools: the paint, blur, crop, desaturation, and the liquify tools.

More advanced topics:

How to make a composite image of two or more images.

How to create a photo collage and manipulate the collage layers.

How to expand a photo and add more layers for using different layers.

How to convert a RAW image into a JPEG.

How to edit a RAW image in the Raw (DNG) format.

How to use the perspective to add depth to your composition.

How to add effects, edit photos like magic.

How to create photo mosaics using a specific settings and techniques.

How to create a high resolution photo or matte finish photo using the Liquify tool.

How to reduce the photo’s file size using the Save for Web & Device setting.

And many more topics.

Learn more about Photoshop Elements

Before you begin editing your photo, you must make sure your photo is the right resolution. You can resize your image using the Image > Resize command and the Resize tool, or you can use the Layers > Resize command and the Resize tool.

The image should have the correct size and the correct resolution.

A photo with too low a resolution will distort your image. A photo with too big a resolution will result in heavy file size. Use the Photo Size option to set a size for the photo.

You can use the Photo Size options to set a specific size for your photo.

In the Options bar, the Layers panel and the Photo Size panel.

As you can see, the Photo Size dialog has multiple options, including the following:





File size

The image’s dimensions in pixels, bytes, and megapixels.

You can change the height and width or you can set the exact dimensions of your photo.

You can also change the resolution, and you can set the file size. As

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By Suzanne Aigner-Fitzpatrick, For The Jackson Sun

NEWPORT — Until now, motorists who dropped off or picked up dogs at the Cherrybrook Boulevard Kroger stopped at the last available slot inside the parking lot.

That changes June 1, when the Kroger at Covington Way and Cherrybrook Boulevard will no longer accept dogs. They will be sent to a new, isolated area of the current parking lot.

Animal control workers will then examine the dogs, which will either be euthanized or placed in foster homes, Nancy Shippenhauer, the city’s director of animal care, said this week.

“We have no idea how many dogs we have,” Shippenhauer said, but she estimated that about 15 to 20 percent are properly cared for and do not have to be euthanized.

“We have to send them somewhere,” she said. “We were always worried about the site.

“The biggest problem is health. Anybody who has a lot of dogs has a lot of poop,” she said. “Poop is not great and that leads to parasites. More parasites can be spread in a small site than a big site.”

But this new, more isolated site is more like a dog park than a dog toilet, Shippenhauer said. It will have plenty of trees and other outdoor spaces for dogs and their owners to relax.

“It will be huge,” Shippenhauer said. “It will be big enough to do all the cleaning.”

The Cherrybrook Kroger is the second Kroger store in Jackson County to stop accepting dogs. The Eads Kroger stopped taking dogs about a year ago.

Shippenhauer said she thinks that’s because of the move to the new Eads Kroger, which has twice the area of parking as the Cherrybrook Kroger.

Regardless of the reason for the change, the city is glad to have the overabundance of dogs taken off the streets, she said.

Animal control, the city’s largest department, contracts with the private Humane Society of Pulaski County to handle dogs in the community.The fifth element, say it’s the most powerful of the four basic elements.

Neither an element nor basic.

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