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If you are a busy parent who also runs a 9 to 5 job, then it is very likely that you often forget some of the things you need to do at work or at home.
gljakal's ToDo is a tiny utility that allows you to create, set priority levels, save or print lists of tasks that you have to complete in a day.
Intuitive interface
The interface is not too attractive, but it is more than enough given the role of the application. Even though the main window features a completely white background, the color actually helps you view the importance of the tasks in your lists.
For each task you add, you can include a few details and set a priority level, ranging from 0 (critical) to 5 (lowest). Unfortunately, the app has colors assigned for these urgency levels and you cannot change them.
Editing options are limited
While it features an Edit menu, the options you can use from here are relatively few. More exactly, the app enables you to add and delete items, show the lists at startup, edit titles, set a priority level and get a warning when you are trying to delete a task from the list.
The application could use a few more editing possibility, especially in the details window where you might type or copy entire sentences and phrases.
Seamless functionality
In spite of the editing options lack, gljakal's ToDo runs smooth and is easy to use. You can add a new task by accessing the dedicated button located in the upper section.
To delete a task, you can access the stop-like button next to it. You can use the arrows to the right to move an activity within a group and upper or lower in the list.
In all fairness, these buttons could be slightly bigger and ideally, the application should allow you to add and move tasks directly from the context menu.
A decent choice for busy people
In case you are relatively busy and you need a tool to help you organize your days better,  gljakal's ToDo can be an option to consider.







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System Requirements:

Please be aware that this game requires a 64-bit operating system.
Also, when you are using 32-bit operating system you will be asked whether or not to “allow 32-bit applications to run,” choose “allow” to play the game.
– fixed “Unable to initialize Shaders”
– fixed “Missing error message”
– fixed “Incorrect file (s) exist (s)”
– fixed “Incorrect/Error Screen resolution”
– fixed

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