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The development of advanced image formats for the digital cameras, such as the proprietary NEFs and RAWs, with their enhanced characteristics, meant that the corresponding requirements for software that was intended for processing such data also had to be improved accordingly. Photographers who relied heavily on Adobe Photoshop for their editing workflow always craved for a dedicated tool for importing, handling, and manipulating RAW images. Here is where the Adobe Camera RAW plug-in came into play, with its comprehensive collection of tools that address the editing process from a purely photography-based perspective.
Image manipulation addressed step-by-step, from the basics, all the way down to more detailed, photography-specific adjustments
Just as its bigger brother, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic, this plugin also deals with the editing process from a photographer’s perspective. And we believe that this is appropriate, especially considering its scope and practical utility.
For those who are accustomed to a classic image editing workflow, they will be able to take their images through a sequential process, which tackles processing starting from the basic elements, such as exposure, white balance, and let’s say contrast, and all the way-way down to more specific adjustments, such as de-hazing, color, aberration and lens corrections.
Complete your editing workflow with all the other features, which address adjacent tasks and operations
The image processing capabilities don’t encompass just the basic adjustments that control the tonal aspect of images. One can also rely on the histogram and curves for altering the loaded images, as well as perform more “destructive” adjustments, such as cloning, healing, and, of course, cropping.
Being both an external component for both Photoshop and Lightroom, as well as sharing a multitude of features with them, we believe that integrating Camera RAW’s capabilities in one’s workflow is a quite facile process, thanks to the easy external processing that can be defined in both of the aforementioned apps.
Strong RAW image editor, which has its emphasis shifted towards the modern digital photography practices
Be it that you choose to rely on it as a standalone solution, or as a side-kick for Photoshop and Lighroom, this plug-in can provide the reliable performance required when dealing with the exigent requirements of the editing involved in professional-grade digital photography, and in particular, advanced processing of RAW images.







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The Adobe Camera Raw plug-in brings all the power of the newest Adobe development tools right to your Photoshop workflow. It allows you to import RAW images and process them right within Photoshop, right from within Camera Raw. From the main menu, you will be able to convert raw images to a variety of image formats, customize the appearance of the conversion process with adjustable parameters, manipulate individual color channels to correct common image defects, and create custom presets for specific types of photography. All adjustments are made with precise and intuitive controls, and you can easily save your custom settings as new conversions or presets.
What’s new in version 1.5
Version 1.5
Fixed a problem that caused a white panel to appear at the bottom of the image during focus, correction, and exposure when a lens with a large sensor and a short focal length was used.
Fixed a problem that caused images with unusual file numbers to appear as distorted or corrupted when the plug-in was used to perform an ACD file conversion.
Fixed a problem that caused an error to occur when the user canceled an editing action without performing the desired editing.
Fixed a problem that caused an error when processing parts of the image during the conversion process.
Fixed a problem that caused a selected slider to be masked out when adjusting the cursor position.
Fixed a problem that prevented the Save dialog to be displayed when returning to the image while editing.
Fixed a problem that caused all conversion and editing operations to be saved to the system with a default method.
Fixed a problem that caused an error when importing a large number of RAW files to the selected conversion preset.
Fixed a problem that caused an error to occur when converting a RAW file with tags when converting RAW files with embedded tags.
Fixed a problem that caused an error when converting an ACD file to a TIFF file.
Added a new option to allow the user to specify the color space in which raw files are converted.
Fixed a problem that caused the display of the current settings not to be restored after modifying the options.
Fixed a problem that caused the CPU load to rise when processing RAW files with a large number of images when the imported images were converted from a RAW camera.
Version 1.4
Addressed a problem that prevented the user from renaming an ACD file when the user selected the “Rename” option after renaming the RAW file.
Corrected a problem that caused the user’s custom settings not to be applied to the converted RAW image when processing

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Extend your raw workflow with Lightroom Classic and Photoshop. With Adobe Camera Raw, you can easily edit RAW images on your computer.
Adobe Camera Raw for Lightroom Classic and Photoshop lets you convert, edit, and adjust various types of images. It provides a streamlined process for photo editing, allowing you to quickly and easily enhance images for the Web and mobile devices.
Make exposures and white balance, adjust color, sharpen, adjust levels, use brushes, clone, crop, and adjust image quality.
High-quality RAW converter.
Adobe Camera Raw’s workflow provides a streamlined, modern experience for converting, editing, and adjusting RAW files on your computer. With Adobe Camera Raw, you can easily optimize images for your digital camera, DSLR, and other connected devices, as well as the Web and mobile devices.
With Adobe Camera Raw, your workflow process is tailored to the needs of photographers who convert RAW files for use in Photoshop and Lightroom. You can easily select tools for editing by modifying the settings of specific tasks.

Maximizing the potential of your RAW images, Photoshop CC implements the updated processing and editing features and functionality for all users who are working with RAW images.
In addition to its native Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) workflow, the program now also comes with the new Adobe Creative Cloud intelligent adjustment panel and user interface (UI).
With the new UI and intelligent adjustment panel, you can optimize images based on their content. With the panel you can set your default action to convert your RAW files to DNG directly or to PSD, set what type of conversion you want to perform, and set your default actions. You can also pre-process your images in Photoshop or Lightroom.
The new intelligent adjustment panel gives you more flexibility to make adjustments based on the content of the RAW file. You can choose an image adjustment that is suited to the image, depending on the image’s content and context. This allows you to keep more control over your images than ever before, and to achieve more creative effects than before.
The intelligent adjustment panel is available for almost all RAW files. All you need to do is select the category from the Adjustments tab in the toolbar or use the keyboard shortcut Alt+Ctrl+I.
The adjustment panel updates based on the original RAW file or user settings, so you can efficiently create customized adjustments for different types of images.
The intelligent adjustment panel is available on both the original ACR workflow and the new ACR workflow.

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In today’s age, it’s often hard to find a camera that is not only a great choice, but one that also offers a very high level of picture quality. These days, most of the imaging devices are loaded with the latest software in order to provide the most out of their performances. In a similar manner, the smartphone cameras prove to be quite a capable device to carry with in case of emergencies. While images captured by the smartphones are not usually of the best quality, the image processing that is applied on them is quite capable, considering the very limited storage space that are allotted to them.
More and more professionals that are into the world of photography are installing Adobe Lightroom on their devices in order to have access to a host of essential imaging tools, which include an extensive library of presets, as well as the ability to edit images both from a raw and a post-processing perspective. One of the biggest concerns for these photographers is when it comes to post-processing, and in particular, editing RAW files. Unlike the Raw files that are saved on the digital cameras, RAW files are not in any way processed by the camera. This means that one has to rely on an external application in order to process them before they can be saved back to the camera.
Thankfully, in the past few years, a dedicated raw image editor has come into existence, that is known as the Adobe Camera Raw. With such a tool, one can benefit from the vast library of presets available on the Lightroom. Furthermore, it offers the benefit of being able to edit images that are stored on the camera in a raw state. When compared to standalone software, such as the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom plug-in, this one provides the wide range of adjustments, as well as the bulk of the editing features that are needed to bring out the best from the RAW files.
Although the Adobe Camera Raw tool can be used as an external app for both Photoshop and Lightroom, the emphasis is placed on the photographic editing features that it provides. When it comes to such a photo editing tool, the camera specific controls that are available include exposure, white balance, color, cloning, healing, de-hazing, lens corrections, as well as image optimization.
Following the raw files, the next step is to adjust the tonal characteristics of these images, and in particular, ones that have been captured in the high-resolution mode. In order to achieve this, the Adobe Camera Raw tool offers the adjuster and histogram that is needed

What’s New In?

Adobe® Camera Raw® 8.4 is an essential component of the latest version of Adobe® Photoshop®, the industry-standard image processing solution for graphics professionals and photographers. Camera Raw enables photographers to open, edit, and preserve raw image files created by many popular digital cameras. The plug-in is compatible with all of the camera manufacturers’ raw data files.

The most important improvements and features
Camera Raw 8.4 was delivered with most of the features introduced in the previous versions of Camera Raw but it takes a great leap forward in the developer’s conception and implementation. Let’s take a look at the highlights below.
1. Improved RAW development
Improvements include:
• Support for Adobe® Camera Raw® plug-ins (with the ability to import them into any Photoshop, Lightroom or Phase One workflow)
• Support for Advanced Camera Raw Compatible (ACR) 1.0 files
• RAW development using a single component for tonal and color adjustment
• Control over the appearance of individual color channels in the images processed with Camera Raw
• Support for DNG files
• Red-eye correction and several other enhancements, including the ability to correct lens distortion
• Improved support for the special edition model and firmware versions of Nikon and Canon digital cameras
• Preserve all camera metadata when editing a raw file
• Support for Camera Calibration 2.0 files
• Improved support for Microsoft Vista
• Support for various RAW formats.

2. Improved processing and color adjustments
The improvement includes:
• Increased speed of processing for RAW files
• Improved color balance and color/tonal adjustments
• Enhanced support for selectable color range adjustments, such as grayscale, RGB, and HSL
• Added automatic and user-defined detection and correction of lens distortion
• Enhanced support for bracketed exposures
• Added automatic exposure bracketing and user-defined bracketing in camera raw
• Enhanced support for metadata information
• Enhanced support for various RAW formats
3. Added support for Adobe’s recently released products
• Support for the latest versions of Adobe® Photoshop® CS6®
• Support for Adobe® Illustrator® CS6®
• Support for Adobe® Premiere® CS6®
4. Workflow improvements
• Increased stability, reliability, and improved performance
5. Improved support for wide file support
6. Improved support for U.S. and metric units
Camera Raw 8.4 also includes:

System Requirements For Adobe Camera Raw:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870 / AMD Radeon HD 5850
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400
OS: Windows 7 or later, Mac OS X 10.7 or later
Steam ver. 403 or later required
In game store ver. 7.0.0 or later required
The Minimum System Requirements are as follows;
Windows 7 or later, Mac OS X 10.7 or later

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