Free Virus Removal Tool For W32 Palevo Worm

Free Virus Removal Tool for W32/Palevo Worm is a lightweight tool designed to scan computers for the Palevo worm and eliminate this threat.
Discovered in 2009, the Palevo worm spreads on computers via peer-to-peer clients, such as iMesh or Emule, removable storage units and instant messaging applications.
Find and remove the Palevo worm
Once infiltrated, Palevo provides computer access to hackers interested in downloading files, stealing login information, installing adware, opening IM and P2P programs to spread further, and so on.
Free Virus Removal Tool for W32/Palevo Worm automatically scans the hard drive for known malware hiding spots, in order to delete the infected files and regain PC safety.
Doesn't require setup
It doesn't need installation and it's wrapped in just one .exe that can be saved anywhere on the disk and just double-clicked to fire up the scanner.
Thanks to its small size, you can also keep the virus removal app stored on a USB flash drive to seamlessly run it on any suspicious PC and remove the Palevo malware agent.
Scans and auto-cleans the hard drive
At startup, all you have to do is click the "Scan" button and let the tool handle the rest. As you can see, minimal intervention is necessary on your behalf.
If the Palevo worm is identified, it's auto-removed by the program. On scan completion, you can check out statistics with the total files scanned, infected and removed.
Simple virus removal app for Palevo
The application carried out scan operations in decent time in our tests while remaining light on system resources consumption. We haven't come across any compatibility issues with the latest Windows version.
On the other hand, keep in mind that Free Virus Removal Tool for W32/Palevo Worm cannot offer real-time protection, so you still need to install a reliable anti-malware software solution that's up for the job.







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