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Measuring isn’t done just for length, as many other factors need to be taken into consideration, depending on the type of task or project you’re working on, and even time is measured. Converting units into other scales or units can be difficult, and not that accurate if done by yourself, but you can use This-to-That for quick, efficient processing.
Lightweight and easy to use
All the application has to offer is stored in a pretty compact main window, with no shiny elements to distract or confuse you whatsoever. This simplicity allows both beginners and experienced individuals to get the hang of things in the blink of an eye.
The application comes with several preset measurement unit types, so you can start looking for the one of interest, and perform conversion right after launch. The type is picked from a drop-down menu, with initial options letting you choose from length, temperature, mass, speed, and volume.
Add custom dimensions, and units
Sure enough the predefined list leaves more to be desired, as there are far more unit types you might need in your work. On the other hand, the application gives you the possibility to add your own configurations. First off, you need to give the dimension a name, after which constants, and names need to be added for each scale value.
You can also edit existing dimensions, but adding new ones automatically implies you perform some calculus yourself to get the values right, unless you already have them stored somewhere. Conversion is done almost in real time. All you need to do is fill in one of the two fields, depending on the scale unit you want to convert to, as well as in the other empty box to trigger the result.
In conclusion
To sum it up, This-to-That can help you perform basic unit conversion operations, in an intuitive interface that takes only a little accommodation time. You can add your own dimensions to the list, but this has a high change to end in error, or lack the accuracy you need. History is not kept track of, so you need to copy the result after each successful conversion.

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Download ››› DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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This-to-That Cracked Version allows you to do various conversions of data, though not only about length and units. The interface is easy to use and comes with many options, that can also be customised.

Converterr-2.0.1 provides full support for the calculation of units of measurement.
The converterr-2.0.1 program is designed for use with Excel spreadsheets. You can use the converterr-2.0.1 program to achieve all your unit conversion needs.

The converterr-2.0.1 program offers these unique features.

Fully-customizable Unit and Precision capabilities. For each and every unit you choose, you are given the ability to change the maximum number of decimal places and the minimum number of decimal places. For example, can change the default Maximum Precision for a Width measurement to 2 decimal places, meaning an error of 1/4 of an inch, or 0.25″. If you choose a minimum Precision, then an error of 0.25% will be shown for each unit.
For a precise measurement, the converterr-2.0.1 program will output
the most precise measurement in the most units that you desire.
Adjustable User Interface. With the converterr-2.0.1 program, you are
able to adjust the size of the converterr-2.0.1 program, what units appear
on the main screen of the converterr-2.0.1 program, how often a conversion
needs to be updated, how many decimal places are used, and how many
units are displayed in one line.
User Definable Unit Conversion Algorithm. With the converterr-2.0.1
program, you have the option to choose how the computer performs a
conversion. For example, if you are using the script to convert from
inches to millimeters, you can choose either the old style, where you
can type in the number of inches and get a value in meters, or you can
choose the new style which allows you to type in the number of meters,
and get a value in inches.
With all these features, you can be sure that if you are to perform a
unit conversion, converterr-2.0.1 program will give you the accuracy
you desire, depending on how much you adjust.
Many easier-to-use conversion formats. For example, using the new style,
you can choose

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Feature list

Lightweight and concise:

It’s almost unthinkable, but This-to-That 2022 Crack doesn’t have a memory to keep track of conversion results. It only saves the latest conversion result, and doesn’t have a history of previous results to display and refer to. So there’s no way to check if you made a mistake, and you’ll have to manually copy the results every time you perform a conversion.

Advanced, yet simple:

A cool feature of This-to-That is that you can add custom dimensions for every scale. These allow for complex calculations, and you can pick values from different scales at once. However, it also has an easy way out: to convert units with the online tool, which will perform the conversion for you automatically, without any errors.

My conclusion:

Overall, this application is very easy to use and implement, and comes in handy when you don’t feel like typing out the conversion with a calculator. Lightweight as it is, it saves you a lot of time, so a single unit conversion would take you half of your work hours.

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The application is easy to use, and as you can see, is completely free. The main control is intuitive and easy to use, and navigation is very convenient, with a three-point-click system for movements.
StarPatcher has no achievements, but you can donate to the developer in exchange for early notification for new version

This-to-That Free

Measure conversion app. This-to-That is the comprehensive app to convert your units to any other specified unit. Generates and calculates units conversion from any to any other unit and store the results. This-to-That is the tool to convert units with the ease of one click.
Why you should buy the App: – This-to-That is simple, a quick and user-friendly tool to convert units and save the results. – This-to-That has many different calculation parameters to convert units. You can select any parameter and convert units with the ease of one click. – This-to-That is easy to use and is used by professionals. – This-to-That has more than 30+ different types of units and more than 400+ values of the units. – This-to-That is very easy to use.
What’s New : – Updated for iOS 11. Thanks for all your feedbacks.

Download Based on This-to-That

You’ve just realized that you can convert your precious time to minutes, seconds, etc. You want to convert them? You’ve found the right app. Download Based on This-to-That now and start converting everything, perhaps with no hesitation.Q:

Dual Touch Pie Chart on a High Chart

I am trying to make a dual touch pie chart using a highchart series.
I am using ‘click’ to plot the chart.

I have a requirement like this :
When I touch a part of the pie chart (say, 1/3rd), I would like to plot that part of the pie chart from the main chart as pie charts.
But When I click on that part of the pie chart (the 1/3rd), I need to plot the entire pie chart (the 1/3rd AND the other 2/3rds) as two pie charts.
How can I do this?


Here is a demonstration:
You have to use series.showInLegend = true.
You can easily reach all series by plotting each series in a separate line for example:

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What’s New In This-to-That?

This-to-That is a free, open source, universal, platform-independent and light and easy to use scientific tool to measure, convert and do other operations to units of measurement. The app can be used by both professionals and individuals in scientific, technical and healthcare fields.
Nowadays, measurement is more and more important in everything we do in life. For example, time measurement is vital when talking about sports, trainings, or moving objects, while weight measurement is crucial for Judi Slot Gacor Resmi purposes. This tool can help you to convert units of measurement from one to another. It can calculate the difference between units of measurement to the last significant digit, and perform conversion between them.
Key Features:
* Automatic selection of units of measurement
* Measurement done with metric or imperial units
* Plot of current unit of measurement in the main window and in a chart window below
* Import and export of units of measurement and units conversion rules with files
* Add custom dimensions (measurement, conversion)
* Select unit of measurement to convert to or from
* Save the current measurement unit for use in other units of measurement
* Save the conversion rules to files
* History of unit conversion operations (past and current)
* Graph of current unit of measurement
* Make a graph of current unit of measurement
* Units conversion in real time
* Clear list of all units supported
* Clear list of units converted
* Clear list of all dimensions
* Displayed in the main window, drop down menu, and in the window with units of measurement to convert
* Real time graphs
* Units scaling
* Units selection
* Conversion from simple, multiple and fractional
* Multi-select conversion
* Calculate difference to the last significant digit
* Units of measurement export to csv format for manipulation in Excel
* Save the current unit of measurement and conversion rules to files
* Export to csv format for data manipulation in Excel
* All operations are done in the main window
* Measurement units set from drop down list
* Up/down button for cycles the current unit
* Units conversion of selected measurement units
* Dimensions and units can be added in an easy way
* Save and restore settings
This-to-That Requirements
This-to-That is created with Open Source tools and is available under the GPL license for everyone to use and distribute freely.
This-to-That app is created using Qt and Qwt libraries and other open source libraries. To use This

System Requirements For This-to-That:

Memory: 4 GB RAM
4 GB RAM Graphics: Intel HD 4600
Intel HD 4600 Hard Drive: 25 GB
25 GB Supported OS: 64-bit Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1
Our Thoughts:
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