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Vivian Wang is the head of FIFA Live Services, the game’s live content team. “We want to get closer to the player’s movement and emotion,” Wang says. “We incorporated motion capture to allow the team to see how players do things in real-life that have an impact on gameplay.” The motion capture data produced by the game is recorded in the world’s most advanced motion capture studio, housed at EA Sports’ Vancouver studio in Canada. The studio is equipped with an Artec® motion capture system, which captures FIFA 22 players and real-life situations in ultra high-definition, so that the engine can fully animate football moves as they’re performed in the game. “The purpose of capturing motion in one-on-one matches is to teach the engine to use every player’s movement during a match,” says Chris Mellor, senior gameplay programmer on FIFA 22. “It needs to move like you do, to tackle the way you do, to defend like you would when standing at the back, and even making lunges, showing power, and so on. The high-intensity moves are captured to allow the engine to recreate these natural player movements in the game.” In FIFA Live, there are six key areas that players need to focus on: (1) Threat and possession of the ball; (2) Accurate use of short, medium and long passes; (3) Successful combination plays with immediate passes, such as passing, dribbling or shooting; (4) Dribbling, ball control and goal scoring; (5) Defending and (6) Going forward. “FIFA’s gameplay is as close to real life as it gets,” says Mellor. “The engine will do things on a scale that we’ve never seen before.” Just as player positioning, ball possession and attack is becoming more and more important in the modern game, much like in real life, so does defending the same way in FIFA 22. Virtual defenders have the ability to go forward with the flow of the game and narrow space where players have to drop out of defensive positions. “When you’re playing FIFA, your attention is always on your friendlies, but with live content, we hope to get fans out of their comfort zone, and be as immersed in the experience as possible,” says Wang. “The


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Play as the new generation of Master League Players with the all-new FIFA 22 Career Mode. Create your perfect club and compete against FIFA legends in completely new ways. Master League focuses on how you can create the best squad for a Liga MX club.
  • Create your ultimate Football Heroes. Discover brand new Master League abilities by customising the player faces and squad page graphics.
  • Develop real skill moves and star passes, make life easier for your players, and kick, feint and bounce like never before in FIFA 22 with brand new Traction Control. Use more control with the new Face de l’Arena feature. In previous Fifa games, match cameras have shown the player directly and often blocked part of the player’s body. In FIFA 22, a series of precisely-placed cameras move and scale themselves throughout each match to ensure you see 100% of the player. See your goalkeeper, defenders, midfield and forwards in the best lighting conditions possible.
  • Discover the tactics and abilities of new kinds of footballers in FIFA 22. Players use new skills to make game-changing decisions, like dribbling with the run and shoot, or scoring eye-catching free kicks.
  • Horde the ball and lead attacking transitions in the world’s most authentic goal-scoring game. Tackle in new ways to overcome opposition challenges. Deflect passes with ease to keep the ball in play. And shoot with more confidence than ever with new shot and power effects.
  • Learn essential tactics and skills to master Ultimate Team.
  • Get physical on the pitch in FIFA 22. New tackling animations and Stoppage animations combine to get players off the pitch when they really need to be.
  • Put the ball where you want it in FIFA 22. More passes are made in your direction at the top of the pitch, with more variety in how they are made. In addition to the existing short and long range passing options, dribble and run passes are added so you can carry the ball yourself instead of just playing a pass.
  • Fifa 22 delivers an all-new engine. New highlight reel tournaments add to the real-life quality. Load your stadium with flags and make your support feel part of the team with the chants feature. Tackle, dribble, shoot and pass your way to the top. And enjoy 27 great leagues to represent in all three main regions of the world!


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We are super proud to present FIFA 22. The year we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the game – as FIFA has now been played for over 20 years. With everything we’ve learned during our time on FIFA, we’ve delivered on the promise of our first game, which would become the world’s leading sports video game franchise. We’re really excited to show you what we’ve got in store for all you football fans, and we know you are as keen to meet the team and experience our game for yourself as we are. Our sports video game franchise is a game that has taken the world by storm for nearly 20 years. Now more than ever, FIFA was designed to be a game that connects people around the globe with the world’s greatest game, delivering the pure football experience fans demand. Our award-winning game is packed with innovation and emotion. We’ve got new game modes, enhanced gameplay, and an expanded Create a Stadium mode. With all-new intuitive controls and a host of improvements, including improved ball controls, passing, shooting, and goalkeeping, FIFA is the most immersive and authentic game of football available. We’ve also got a special announcement for this year’s FIFA. All FIFA Ultimate Team™ players will receive Free FIFA Ultimate Team Coins for the first time ever. In addition, we’re happy to announce The Journey through the Cover athlete: Paul Pogba, a superstar on the pitch and a dashing fashion icon off it. He’s joined by the other 17 HUT Cover Athletes, including Neymar, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, and much more. You’ll also be able to experience Paul Pogba’s FIFA experience from the inside with EA SPORTS FIFA 19 cover star Paul Pogba throughout this year’s game. You can also discover the FIFA Showcase, our in-game program where players and fans can compete against AI players, share their gameplay stories, and view their top performances on the national stage. They’ll be able to compete on the popular FIFA Ultimate Team as well, alongside the rest of the EA SPORTS FIFA community. To celebrate the release of FIFA 22, we’re also offering a range of new content for FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA Club. This is the biggest FIFA Ultimate Team update ever. The update includes over 1, 684577f2b6


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** Introducing My Club Community!!! Define a line-up and play the Ultimate Game any way you choose. With over 4,000 players available, as well as more than 600 different kits, play the game any way you want with a team of your own. Build and manage your perfect side from scratch, or mine players from all other teams and challenge friends via a dedicated online FIFA Ultimate Team. Real Madrid Steps In – For the first time ever, EA SPORTS FIFA gives you the chance to create your own personalised squad and manage a full-squad of Real Madrid players. As a manager, win trophies, complete challenges and prove yourself as a successor to La Liga giants, Madrid. Football Stars – The all-new FIFA 22 Ultimate Team experience can be enjoyed across FIFA, EA SPORTS FIFA, and EA SPORTS FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. Compete your way to glory as a manager, and earn FIFA Ultimate Team Points which can be traded and earned in-game to receive and unlock PlayStation 4 and Xbox One unique player items. Online Season Mode – Experience the online season of the best football. Live out your passion for football wherever you are – and play against your friends or challenge the world. Be the next Messi and Ronaldo and experience the thrill of the FIFA 22 season, as its global competitions and exclusive content come to life. PlayStation 4 EXCLUSIVE Content Downloadable content for FIFA 22 Real Madrid Steps In – Join the prestigious Real Madrid club and redefine your club strategy as a manager. Beat Juventus to the championship, or show Paris Saint-Germain who’s the best. Control your very own team as you fight for the top of the FIFA rankings and dominate the French, Italian, and German leagues. Blast Ball 2 – Blast, dodge, pass and score goals in this fast-paced football simulation. Defy gravity and master the ball in both Attack and Defend modes. Play Free-Kick mode to master your every kick. Play to your strengths with Game Modes, Coaching Sessions and Skill Builders. Fully customise your player with 1,000s of individual players, kits and boots. Unlock and upgrade thousands of additional Ultimate Team players, as well as thousands of other items. Earn to buy, trade to buy and be the greatest football star on the planet. FIFA 22 Special Edition ** FUT 20+ Patch Version 3.0 Added 21 new real players. Added


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