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Players also experience more realistic collisions and tackles with the introduction of the “Impact Engine,” which creates more realistic collisions between players and the ball, as well as between players.

“The Impact Engine means a new generation of realistic collisions,” said Matt Beswick, FIFA Game Director. “It not only makes players more responsive, it makes opponents more unpredictable as well, like the reaction of the player when the ball hits their chest or leg.”

“The accuracy of the animations is also something we’ve improved in FIFA 22,” added Beswick. “Off the ball animations have also been enhanced, with stronger player interaction with teammates.”

Players can shoot with new intensity, using the “Four-Piston Grip,” which adds more power and a more realistic shooting feel. There is also a new shooting animation, the training pitch crossbar, and the ability to adjust the view angle at every angle on the pitch.

A variety of new player celebrations have been introduced that play out in real-time, allowing players to realize the full impact of their own celebrations in game.

There are also many more global celebrations like “The Red Shirts,” “Kiss the Bingo,” “Wasting Time” and “Pudge Groove.”

“We are very proud to be the first game to bring the genuine feeling of the FIFA World Cup experience to the PS4,” said Patrick Graham, Creative Director, EA Canada. “Every moment of the competition and every team’s story will be faithfully recreated for players to experience. The addition of HyperMotion has generated a whole new level of intensity and realism that complements the ‘Impact Engine’ and the new animations in stunning new ways.”

The FIFA World Cup will see its first match on PS4 from 10 to 14 June on all platforms. The full schedule will be available to purchase via the PS Store, which is the only place to pre-order the FIFA World Cup app and download the FIFA World Cup theme on PS4. To purchase the FIFA World Cup app on PS4, go to For more information on FIFA World Cup, please visit




Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 allows you to optimize your playstyles with detailed H2H Analysis. You now have more tools to understand where your strengths and weaknesses are.
  • The revamped goalkeeper AI lets each goalkeeper display authentic and accurate behaviour on-pitch. It also makes the best use of your tactics to create attacking opportunities, challenging the goalkeeper to make the right decision to win.
  • Player Battle – Turn on the auto-match and let the CPU do all the work in Player Battle. Setting a new challenge is now easier than ever. Players can score goals and earn accolades like Second Balls, Passes, Cruickshanks and more.
  • FUT Companion – Easily discover and collect your favorite players from the entire world, including more than 30 of the world's greatest footballers.
  • Add-Ons – The most extensive set of Add-Ons ever. Add-Ons provide new gameplay options, new cosmetic items, and even custom stadiums.
  • Comprehensive H2H analysis. Create-a-Player will allow you to "build" a player from the bones. Is this the person you want on your team? Based on team morale, target players will evolve, and improve, based on your training philosophy. And you will know exactly where you weaknesses and strengths are.
  • Supporting your team-mates. Players will now rely on your support in battle, whether they're getting tapped in, or looking to cross. Each Moveable Object now has its own playbook, and will react to every pass you make, create and receive. All of this plays out on-pitch, as your movement is synced to the environment.
  • New coach model puts even more control in your hands. Even if you're a rank beginner and don't have a CL gaffer, you will guide your journey through player history. Get a feel for how different coaching philosophies develop players.
  • Tactics will be at your fingertips, to enable you to dream up your own game plans. Your football knowledge will be put to its ultimate use. You can change entire formations, recruit new players, and create your own unique matchday tactics to use.
  • Match Day.


    Fifa 22 Free Download

    FIFA is an authentic simulation of the beautiful game. With next-gen gameplay innovations, totally new game modes, an improved EASPORTS Football Club Manager, and a new Career Mode, FIFA 22 gives you everything you need to make a difference.

    In the Club Manager mode in FIFA 22, enjoy total control over your club from the general manager position through to the coach, scout and youth development manager. Use unique in-game tools, including stats, morale, tactics and training to strengthen your club. Give your players a career of their own by managing each of their attributes and immerse yourself in a full-featured career mode that recreates the entire domestic league.

    Discover new ways to play in FIFA 22. Clubs, players, stadiums and players kits have been completely redesigned, and new attributes, including Speed, Agility, Technique, Stamina, Strength, Concentration, Off-the-ball, Vision and Pass/Defend, are also included.

    Unlock the soccer experience with revised controls and improved ball physics. FIFA 22 will allow you to pass the ball with your head, and move it with any physical part of your body – including the foot. New tutorials explain all the controls and help you become the best player you can be.

    EA SPORTS Football is also getting smarter. Players will now learn from their mistakes and react in greater ways to the environment, and the AI opponents will adjust to you.

    New Features in FIFA 22

    Coaching & Tactics

    FIFA is already the best simulation of the beautiful game. This year, we’ve taken coaching and tactics and made them even more accessible to you.

    Coach your players how you want to and read their psychology to get your team thinking and moving the right way. You can now fine-tune formations, strategies and even place your team into a Formation Trap to disrupt your opponent. Take charge of your players’ positions to break free from the traditional shape of football.

    Personalise your tactics and football thinking. Use the new Strategy Cards to define player roles and choose formations to help your players grow into match-winning players. Create your own system, use unique tactics and go beyond the traditional game.

    FIFA 22 introduces revised player intelligence and tactical awareness.

    Powered by Football™

    Built on our most innovative technologies, FIFA is the new standard in sports games.

    Powered by Football

    • Beyond the Pitch – Enjoy an immersive


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    Go head to head with 99 players from across the globe in 1-on-1 contests. Compete in leagues, cups, and friendly games. Assemble the best team from the world’s greatest players. Use your squad to win or climb FIFA’s global leaderboards. FIFA Ultimate Team is available across all platforms.

    World Tour – Explore each of FIFA’s six iconic venues, creating your own story and playing through your club’s journey from the youth academy to the Champions League final. Then, dive deeper into the game’s authentic global competitions, where the game’s real players compete as FIFA’s licensed legends. Travel from the streets of Barcelona to the stadiums of Manchester, with every chapter representing a unique competition from around the world.

    EA SPORTS News – Get insights into what’s happening in FIFA and the world of soccer with quick, easy to read News stories, as well as top editorials and features from the world’s biggest soccer publications.

    Gran Turismo –
    Race around 20 of the world’s most exciting circuits, such as the Nurburgring Nordschleife, Singapore Motorsports Circuit and Shanghai International Circuit, in all-new VR and non-VR scenarios. Then, test-drive your GT Sport car, the most authentic and exciting racing experience ever, at local circuits near you.

    Racing – Bring the ultimate motorsport competition to the real world in the new innovative Racing game mode. Starting in early 2016, experience Race Driver: Grid. Get behind the wheel of the Ferrari FXX in the United States with the newest Ferrari Challenge, then race head to head against others around the world with the new online multi-mode game mode, allowing you to Race, Team Up and also compete in Cups!

    Pro Evolution Soccer –
    From UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FIFA Club World Cup and many more, be immersed in the fantasy world of football with the official match day experience in PES. Live match moments unfold like never before, as you feel the passion and emotion of the real world, with no software cuts.

    PES App – Experience all of the core football game mechanics in the palm of your hand. Take on a new formation, train your squad, and showcase your skills in the enhanced Pro Goal Cam.

    PES Mobile Game – This free to download app is the official companion app to PES2016, the most realistic digital


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