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You could try this using cat:
cat file.csv.1 | grep -v ‘^[ ]*D\|^[ ]*P\|^[ ]*T\|^[ ]*$’ | column -t -k 1

Or this using cut:
cut -f1,1 -d”file.csv.1

Or with the awk idiom:
awk -F” ‘$2 == “P” || $2 == “T” { print $1 }’ file.csv.1

Or with the sed idiom:
sed -rn ‘/^[DT]/d; /^[PT]/d; s/^[ ]*$//p’ file.csv.1

Or by reading the first column of a csv file to an array and then sorting with the array reversed:
read -r -d ” file California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate social network Facebook’s efforts to prevent young users from making teenage dating profiles on the Facebook platform.

The attorney general’s office has sent a letter to the FTC outlining its concerns about Facebook’s practices.

In a statement, the attorney general’s office said it’s continuing to monitor Facebook’s privacy practices.

“California’s children are our state’s most precious resource. We will do everything we can to protect children from the dangers of online predators and the loss of privacy and liberty online,” Becerra said in a statement on Thursday.

Related: Facebook posts a privacy guide for teens

The attorney general’s office said the letter was prompted by recent reports from CNN and USA Today detailing Facebook’s efforts to prevent users under the age of 18 from creating accounts on the platform.

According to the latest news reports, Facebook will remove the user account of anyone who attempts to create a user profile that falls under the age of 18.

The recent reports show how Facebook has been removing underage profiles from the platform, and how the company has taken more steps to protect users from content that has been flagged as inappropriate or illegal by users.

The attorney general’s office alleges that Facebook’s actions are “an attempt to circumvent California’s Children’s Privacy Act of 2000 (CPA) and the federal Children’s Online Privacy

WhiteCap.505.Platinum.Serial Setup Free
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Searching for an Regex pattern to match strings containing “~” character

I’m trying to parse strings into an object, and I want to include, in the resulting object, any strings that contain the ~ character. What’s the proper way to specify this regular expression?
The strings I want to include would look like: “One~Two”
Thanks for any help!
UPDATE: I figured it out. I’ll include my solution and my ‘proper’ solution for future reference.
string pattern = @”\~[^\~]+\~”;

Proper solution:
string pattern = @”(~[^~]+~)”;


For instance, this works:
string pattern = @”~\~(?SARAH FERGUSON:

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using namespace std;
int main(){
string line;
cin >> line;
cout > line;
return line;

std::string ProcessLines(std::string fileName)
string result = “”;
//read file
string line;
//read file to end of file
while ( (line = ReadLine(fileName))!= “”)
//Process line
string output = “”;
// copy 1st occurrence
output += line[0];
// copy 2nd occurrence
output += line[1];
// and so on
output += line[2];
// concatenate
result += output;
//file output
return result;

std::string output = “”;
string fileName = “src/”;

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