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The Keep Focused application was developed to be an enhanced tool for Pomodoro Technique of Time Management. It has features like session management which keep track of what you are doing in each of the 25 minute session. At the end of the day view your session data file and review the tasks you worked on. 
How to Use
– Start the application by running the KeepFocused.exe file.
– This will open Task Form. Type what you want to do in this 25 minute session. For example I typed “Creating documentation for KeepFocued project on Codeplex”. Then press enter key or click on OK button.
– The form will close and timer will be displayed on the center of the screen.
– The timer will show time remaining in the session. The current setting for timer is – session = 25 minutes and break = 5 minutes.
– When the session will be over, the timer will play a beep sound. (This is the windows exclamation sound set by your current windows theme.)
– Break timer will start showing you the remaining time for break. When break time is over, it will again play the beep sound. (This is windows asterisk sound).
– After playing the sound, timer will stop.
– Click on the play button to start a new session.
Moving the Timer
– Move your curser on the left most part of the timer. This is the area where Keep Focused logo is displayed. The mouse pointer will change into to four-headed arrow (move pointer).
– Drag the timer wherever you want it to place. I place my counter on the right hand side of the menu bar of the application that is currently opened on my screen. The actual position is around one inch away from the right end of the screen. This is the space which is unused by most of the applications in maximized form.
Reviewing the day’s activity
The text which you enter at the application start (or when you start a new session) is saved in a text file in your ‘My Document’ folder. The name of the file is ‘KeepFocusedTask.txt’. To open this file,
– Open ‘My Documents’ folder.
– Double Click on the ‘KeepFocusedTask.txt’ file.
This file will be opened in the notepad (or the application you setup to view text files).
The format of the text file is
Date Time :: Task
Pausing the timer
– You can pause the time by clicking on the pause button (small white rectangle next to the Keep Focused logo). On clicking the pause button will change in the play button.
– You can resume the timer by clicking on the play button. This will not resume your current session. Instead it will start a new session and set the timer to 25 minutes.
Closing the timer
– The timer can be closed any time by clicking on the red close button (red X button). When you close the timer, the application will shut down. To start the application again, run the executable file.







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Keep Focused provides you with 25-minute session functionality for the pomodoro technique of time management. It’s developed using Visual Basic 6.0. Being a Microsoft development, it’s very easy to get familiar with its functionality, and provides simple to use interface. The main objective of the application is to manage your sessions of time management. You can organize your tasks and sessions in any way you want.


Session Management
– Keep Focused automatically creates new session once it starts. When you open the application for the first time, it will create a new session for you and give you a list of tasks.
– You can also select the session that you want to start from the current session list.
– You can select the maximum number of sessions you can work on at a time.
– Each session can be restarted any time by using the one of the buttons.
– You can also pause the timer for 25 minutes at any time by clicking on the pause button.
– You can resume the timer after restarting the session.
– You can also restart a session from the current running session.

Task Management
– The input field of the application is large enough to hold any long text task. You just need to enter the task and press Enter key or click on the OK button. The application will close the task for you.
– You can use the drop-down list to get other tasks sorted by any property you like. For example, using the All category will sort the tasks based on the time the task has been started.
– You can also add or delete the tasks.
– You can use the checkboxes to select multiple tasks.
– You can set the priority for a task. The higher the priority, the higher the priority level.

Break Management
– The applications breaks the time into a set of 25 minutes for the break. There are two types of breaks. The manual break and the automated break. You can set the automatic break duration in the application. You can set the duration when you pause the timer. The application will set automatic break when you start or pause the timer.
– You can also change the duration of the manual break using the break duration drop-down menu.

Task Progress
– At any given point in time, you can click on the task name or the task priority for more information.
– You can also click on the play button to start a new session.

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Keep Focused Full Crack is a simple task management application that provides you all the necessary features to keep your focused on a single task. It has been built to help you focus on a single task and be productive.
File Format:
The application uses txt format as its file format. It has two files – ‘keepfocused.exe’ and ‘keepfocused.txt’. You should have both of them. The next time you run the application from the ‘keepfocused.exe’ file, you will find the ‘keepfocused.txt’ file in the application’s folder where the executable file is located.
Main Features
– Keep Focused.exe application has been designed using Microsoft Visual Basic.5. It has three forms – Session Information, Session Task and Session Session Details.
– Most of the features in this application are the same as the task manager in time management software.
– Keep Focused has been designed with focus management in mind. Each session has a timer to keep track of time spent in each session. It has a setting for session frequency – session = 25 minutes and break = 5 minutes. At the end of the day, you can view the session details file (keepfocused.txt) which you have created during the session. You can also view your tasks in this file.
– You can pause your session by clicking the pause button in the timer. If you pause your session, the play button will change to pause button. When you will resume your session, the play button will be back to the normal play button.
– You can also view your tasks from the beginning of time to the current time by clicking on the view menu and selecting ‘All tasks’. You can also view your tasks for the current session, next session, the entire day, last 4 days, previous day, previous week or month.
– You can add tasks for the next session by clicking on the ‘New task’ button. The input box will be open for you to type what you want to do. Click on the ‘Done’ button to save your task. You can add as many tasks as you want.
– You can also view the session details file (keepfocused.txt) for the current session. You can view the task list and view the current tasks. You can view the tasks based on the date and time or other options like number of tasks per day, projects, developer etc.
– You can close the application by closing the window in which you started the application. But if you close

Keep Focused (Latest)

Keep focused is an enhanced version of the Pomodoro technique for time management. The entire application is about 25% of the size of the standard Pomodoro technique. It provides a password protected session data file and graphical user interface.
This application has a feature called timer management. This is the core of the application. In a set of 25 sessions, you work on a series of 25-minute tasks. Each task is separated by a 5-minute break. When the session is over, you can also pause, resume, or close the timer. After the session is over, the application will close.
The graphical user interface has a visual aid called the P, T, and B icons. When you click on these icons, the application will pause the timer, show a time remaining, and take you to the menu. Clicking on the menu will take you to the next task. If you leave the menu opened, it will move to the top of the menu and come back again when the task is over.
You can also change the number of tasks in a session by clicking on the tasks in the main menu.
Task Management
There is a menu in the application called ‘Task’. It is the main menu and the menu where you work and where you pause, resume, and close the session.
The ‘Task’ menu contains these functions:

– ‘New’ is used to create a new task and open the ‘Task’ window.
– ‘Edit’ is used to create a new task. It has the same operation as ‘New’ with the exception of the creation of the password.
– ‘Delete’ is used to delete the task that is currently open.
– ‘Save’ is used to save the changed task that is currently open.
– ‘Session’ is used to open the session window. The application will display the current session information and the timer status. It will also show the remaining time for each task and the total time. When the session time is finished, the application will close. The application will automatically open the application again next time you open the ‘Session’ menu.
– ‘Pause’ is used to pause the timer. This is the same as hitting the pause button. You can also use it to pause the session.
– ‘Resume’ is used to resume the timer. This will return the timer to what it was when you started the session. It will not start a new session.
– ‘Close’ is used to close the

What’s New in the Keep Focused?

Keep Focused is a Windows application that is designed to be a simple but effective time management tool for the Pomodoro Technique of Time Management.
Keep Focused is designed to be a simplified version of my original application, KeepFocused.
– It runs automatically at the start of the system.
– User can select to open a new session or to pause/resume the current session.
– When the timer is paused, the text user entered in the application start is being saved in a text file in the user’s ‘My Documents’ folder.
– Each of the 25 minute time session can be reviewed at the end of the day.
– Application will be closed after the end of the session.
Installation Guide:
Running Keep Focused:
To start the application run the KeepFocused.exe application file.
When the application is started, it will prompt the user to select the two modes to work in. The application will run in the Automatic Mode or the Manual Mode.
Running in the Automatic Mode means that the application will run at the start of the system. The application will pause itself when the user is using the application. The user will be prompted to select the mode at application start.
The user can switch to Manual Mode by clicking on the menu button and then selecting ‘Edit Settings’. Once the user sets the manual mode, the application will not pause itself automatically. The user can select to open a new session by clicking on the blue play button. Once the user clicks on the play button, it will start a new session as an active session. The user can also pause the session by clicking on the grey pause button. When the user presses the play button, it will start the session automatically. The user can view the saved session text by double clicking on the ‘My Document’ file.
Manual Mode Operation:
In the Manual Mode, the user starts a new session by clicking on the blue play button. The user can also pause the session by clicking on the grey pause button. The user can also view the saved session text by double clicking on the ‘My Document’ file.
Version 1.0 – Tadaaa.. release! – July 2012
– Initial release for Windows 7
– Removed (or not configured) session times counting feature
– Cleaned the User Interface to improve looks and consistency
(Thanks for the help @mattsch)

System Requirements:

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