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Lanic is a tool for voice communication between computers connected to a Local Area Network and its operation is comparable to a classic intercom. The initiating computer can select the computer to which it wishes to make a connection in a list displaying all the currently connected machines on which Lanic is running. Lanic is a software that allows you communicate with other PC from the network. Though Lanic makes use of the TCP/IP protocol, it is not intended to be used as an Internet Phone. Doing so may crash the local and/or the remote computer.


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Lanic is a one-way voice communication software for connecting one or several computers to a local network (LAN). It is used to interconnect computers in office environment or for companies. It allows multiple users on different computers simultaneously communicate with a central computer also through other computers. Lanic allows each computer to talk to another one in the network as long as both computers are running the Lanic softwares. Computer on which to install Lanic can be local or remote. Once the computer with Lanic have been installed, the user can select the computer he wants to connect to his computer by simply entering it in the “select computer box”. Lanic can communicate in three modes: a) User to user: In this mode, Lanic will allow user on computer A to talk to user on computer B. B will be the only one listened to (B is in the list of the computer we want to talk). Each user can have his own key or password (this is also the case of other modalities such as screen sharing…). If several users are on the computer with Lanic, Lanic allows users to choose by which user he wants to communicate (simply by selecting the name of the user on the list displayed). Different modalities are possible: 1) Caller to receipient: This modality can be particularly useful when user A wants to make several calls, and does not need to be listened to. 2) Caller to caller: Same as caller to receipient, only user A talks to user B. 3) User to caller: same as caller to caller. 4) Recipient to caller: User B talks to user A. 5) Recipient to caller: Same as recipient to caller. 6) Peer to peer: This modality can be used in case user A wishes to talk with the computer directly, without being heard by user B, and vice-versa. 7) Multiple callers: This modality allows us to make several calls simultaneously, as long as these calls are between the same users. b) User to group: In this mode, Lanic will allow user on computer A to talk to a group (defined by a group name and a group password). The computer that Lanic is installed on is in the list of allowed computers, so this computer will be listened to. c) Group to group: In this mode, Lanic will allow a group to talk

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The new Quick Alarm Lanic Download With Full Crack software currently available is the best and most advanced sound communication program on the market. The software uses both of the local PC and the remote PC’s speakers making the connection between the PCs Easy to use; Can be used with old or new computers; As Lanic is a stand-alone program, you can use it directly on the desktop of any machine. Lanic does not require the user of the remote machine to be connected to the internet but in that case Lanic would use the remote PC’s internet connection, Lanic would not be able to show the list of devices to initiate the connection. Lanic can be also used to make sound calls from the cell phone. In order to do this, Lanic must be installed on the cell phone and configured with your phone number. Lanic supports the following models of cell phones: Samsung/LG: Mobile: i-M10 (Android 5.1) i-M10c (Android 5.1) i-M10a (Android 6.0) i-M10s (Android 7.0) i-M10h (Android 7.0) i-M10l (Android 7.0) i-M10 (Android 5.1) i-M10d (Android 5.1) i-M10 (Android 5.1) i-M10 (Android 5.1) Q10e (Samsung Galaxy Q) i-M10a (Android 6.0) i-M10s (Android 7.0) i-M10h (Android 7.0) i-M10l (Android 7.0) Samsung Galaxy S7 / Samsung Galaxy S8 (Android 6.0 and Android 7.0) Samsung Galaxy S10 (Android 7.1.1) Samsung Galaxy Note10 (Android 7.1.1) Samsung Galaxy Tab2 (Android 5.0) Samsung Galaxy Tab3 (Android 5.0) Samsung Galaxy Tab4 (Android 5.0) Samsung Galaxy Tab4 (Android 5.0) Samsung Galaxy Tab A (Android 7.0) Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (Android 7.0) Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.0 (Android 7.0) Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.0 (Android 7.0) Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (Android 02dac1b922

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Lanic is a free software, developed and distributed by Lnet, for free and open source, available under the GNU General Public License. Lanic is a voice/sound communication system that provides two-way bidirectional communication between two PC: A client, in the form of a broadcast server offering voice communication to all the computers on the same Local Area Network (LAN) or a client on a Personal computer which chooses the computer from the list of connected PCs that it wishes to communicate with. Both the client and the server operate on the same computer, or on two computers that both belong to the same LAN. Lanic offers a free, open-source software. It is developed under the GNU General Public License. Lanic features: Support various languages: Macedonian (mk) Romanian (ro) Serbian (sr) Polish (pl) Bulgarian (bg) Chinese (zh-CN) Japanese (ja) English (en) Portuguese (pt) Arabic (ar) Turkish (tr) Farsi (fa) It’s a need to install a software on the computers connected to the Local Area Network, but no installation is required on the computer from where the connection takes place. If you have installed LANic on your two computers connected to the LAN, then you can just run Lanic to make the connection. Lanic is available in every distribution package of Debian and Ubuntu Operating Systems. It is also available in the software repositories of Fedora, OpenSuSe and Red Hat Linux. For all other operating systems, you need to download the software form the official LANic website. Lanic Features: Ability to connect up to five clients Ability to select a list of computers to communicate with, or to communicate with Use command line interface to connect to the server No need of an internet connection Voice and sound communication can be recorded and played back Voice communication can be recorded on your computer Choice between AMR (Speech compression) and G711 Voice communication is possible over the Internet 1.3.0 alpha Latest Release 0.0.0 0.0.0 0.0.0 0.0.0 0.0.0 0.0.0 0.0.0 0.0.0 0.0

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Lanic is a software for computer communications that allows a user to speak with another computer from the network using voice over IP (VoIP). Lanic provides a user friendly interface which should be easy to use. Lanic can be used in either a command line or graphical mode. It offers features that allow you to connect to more than one computer, to dial a number (make a phone call), to play a voice file, to record a voice message and to transfer computer files (to and from). A demo version of Lanic is available for download. A free download version includes the following features: Dial the phone number of the computer (or one or many computers with the ********* system) that you want to connect to. The program will connect in background with the connected computer. It can be used by any user. It cannot be used as a default service with a real IP protocol. It can dial a number and play a file (Sound). It can record a voice message (Sound). The recorded voice message can be stored on the remote computer. It can transfer computer files between the 2 computers. The file transfer feature is not reliable. This feature can not be used to transfer files larger than 1MB. When you make a connection to the destination computer, Lanic will ask you to confirm the link (click OK). Lanic will allow you to connect to other computers that are linked through Lanic to the one you have selected as the target computer. Lanic Commands: Start Lanic. Full listing of available commands. List of Commands

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Windows 7/8/10 1.8 GHz or faster processor 3 GB RAM 3.5 GB HDD 1024×768 display resolution DirectX 11-compatible video card Recommended: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or ATI Radeon X800 or better, and a monitor with at least 800×600 resolution Key Features: 7 distinct hero classes: Three melee, three ranged and a highly customizable control class Easily control your heroes with an innovative quick-control system that highlights targeted characters in the game

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