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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






Batch Mail Sender [Win/Mac]

1) easy to use;
2) supports multiple e-mail services;
3) supports the use of e-mail services at a time;
4) supports saving and sending more than one account;
5) available for Windows versions from Microsoft Windows XP all the way to the latest Windows 10.6.3;
Batch Mail Sender does not limit your choice of tools for computer sending, like in some other senders: no restrictions on tools or web services for communication with recipients;
Batch Mail Sender, apart from sending mass e-mail, allows you to perform many useful functions, such as saving the account, sending one or multiple mail accounts, batch-sending dynamic addresses and many more.

Batch Mail Sender includes the following handy features and tools:
+ Supports the creation of multiple e-mail accounts from one interface;
+ Allows the connection with a dynamic e-mail address;
+ For the fastest and maximum efficiency, Batch Mail Sender sends your mails as soon as your recipients respond. The timespan can be changed;
+ Opens immediately after installation;
+ Easy-to-use graphical interface;
+ Sends the messages to both the e-mail accounts and the dynamic e-mail address at once;
+ Supports accounts of GMail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Mail.Ru, InboxRu, ListRu and BkRu;
+ Saves the e-mail addresses on the computer and sends it again if the Internet connection is lost.
+ Search for available accounts in the list;
+ Included in the program package;
+ Automatically updates your accounts;
+ Supports the use of e-mail services at a time
+ Supports the sending of the same message or one set of recipients at once.
+ Supports the rendering of the outgoing messages;
+ Supports the e-mail accounts of Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Mail.Ru, InboxRu, ListRu and BkRu.
+ Supports the use of dynamic e-mail addresses;
+ Automatically saves the account to be opened next time;
+ List of e-mail addresses;
+ Supported types of attachments: doc, png, avi, xlsx, pptx, odt, jpg, pdf, zip;
+ Supports the conversion of the attachments into several formats;
+ Supports the sending of a message with a password;
+ Supports the

Batch Mail Sender With Full Keygen Download

This program is a tool which has many functions. Batch Mail Sender For Windows 10 Crack allows you to group your emails into one single mail and send it to many people. Group your emails into one single mail with this application. You can send emails to more than one user at the same time. Email sender lets you mass mail out messages to multiple recipients in one go. There are three different kinds of attachments are supported; calendar, docs, docsx, eps, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, ppt, pdf, pps, wmf, zips and you can also use html format to email the attachment. It is a great tool to send bulk messages to different recipients, If you want to send mail, edit mail, delete mail, safe messages, recover attachments or change any mail information then you need this application. This tool is very useful, because it is suitable for sending bulk messages to the multiple recipients. You can choose to send e-mails to multiple users at the same time.
Batch Mail Sender Cracked Version is also able to edit, delete, recover attachments or change any mail information. Also, you can use this software for changing password of different mail accounts. It’s the utility software which is very useful and simple to use. It can configure all mail and other accounts.
* You can send e-mail to one or multiple e-mail addresses in a single message without having to enter the recipient information multiple times
* You can send multiple messages at once to multiple contacts and set as many e-mail accounts as needed.
* You can add attachments to your e-mails if needed.
* You can change the name and/or attachment of your e-mails.
* You can delete e-mails from the Batch Mail Sender Crack For Windows.
* You can edit all mail and other account info.
* You can recover attachments if necessary.
* You can change the passcode of email accounts.
* You can quickly delete all mail.
* Password feature: You can set as many passwords for email accounts as you like without using the ‘Enter’ key.
* Sending e-mail using Gmail account is very easy with our software.
* It supports more than 37 functions, all of which are very easy to use.
* The software supports more than 13 languages including: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Bulgarian, Hindi, Croatian, Romanian, Italian, Hungarian, Serbian and Persian.

Batch Mail Sender

Send e-mails easily and quickly, even if you do not have technical skills

Automatically generates the recipient list based on e-mail address(es)

Quickly create and send e-mails through drag and drop

Save time on your work and power your business with this great utility.

Batch Mail Sender Professional License Key Features:

Automatically generate and display the recipient list based on e-mail address(es)

Send bulk e-mails from any e-mail account

Send e-mail messages through drag and drop

Save time on your work and power your business with this great utility.

Batch Mail Sender License Key Activation:

To start using this utility, you’ll have to activate the license key. Open a command prompt and copy/paste the following lines into it:

rev.exe /regserver /regapp /regappkey

Then, hit Enter to finish the setup.

Batch Mail Sender License Key Activation notes:

Keep the following important notes in mind during the license key activation.

The license key will be valid for a 90-day period after which you’ll be required to buy a new license key to continue using the software.

No, you’ll need to register this key at and to get the download link.

If you’re unable to get an access to the page, keep in mind that it might be because of your Internet security. Please, make sure that you install an anti-virus and anti-spyware program.

This is an output of the setup.exe file placed in the folder after the software installation.

If you’re unable to get this message, it means that your antivirus is blocking the software from running. Please, disable your antivirus to try installing the software again.

No, the activation code is completely free. By signing up, you’ll only need to enter the registration code and your name.

Your license key will be valid for 5 years after which you’ll need to activate a new one to continue using the software.

Not at all. You only need to follow the instructions and the activation will be completed with no troubles.

If you have any questions, please, make sure

What’s New In Batch Mail Sender?

– Supports multiple e-mail services, like Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Mail.Ru, InboxRu, ListRu and BkRu.
– Setup an unlimited number of accounts (including multiple addresses).
– Set the recipient to be notified on the success and failure of the operation (or not).
– Intuitive interface: create the mail, select the recipient from a contact list, select the option for notification (or not).
– The user has the option to send a mail to multiple recipients.
– The result mail includes a detailed report with the status of each email sent.
– Mail attachments up to 25MB per message.
– Performs automatic error detection and restoration.
Version: 2.0
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Batch Mail Sender Review:
Batch Mail Sender is a powerful email tool that lets you send bulk emails. You just have to add e-mails as recipients and specify the content of the emails to send. As far as the program is concerned, an e-mail is a simple HTML file. All you have to do is specify the required content and a few other basic settings such as the subject and the body text, and Batch Mail Sender will take care of the rest.
The application works well with many e-mail servers including Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Mail.Ru, InboxRu, ListRu and BkRu. You can either choose to be notified about the successful and failed attempts, or not. The recipients are assigned to a contact list, and you can add more accounts from this list. Batch Mail Sender supports multiple e-mail accounts; you can combine and check the source and recipient e-mail addresses.
You are also given the option to send the mail to multiple recipients. The mail is sent with attachments. Only 20 MB of attachments are allowed per mail.
Download Batch Mail Sender for Free

Batch Email Sender 2.0
Batch Email Sender 2.0 is a free tool to send email messages to mass numbers of contacts in only several seconds. You can easily choose any e-mail accounts to send email messages to recipients. In addition to this, Batch Email Sender also lets you

System Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 or better
16GB RAM recommended
DirectX 11 with 1024×768 display or higher.
Minimum model specification:
DirectX 11 with 1024×768 display or higher
Steps to install macOS Sierra Beta 2 On a Mac:
Ensure the Mac is on a solid operating system.
Download the macOS

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