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The CDR format use blu-ray discs as a delivery format to create an ISO file that will be burned onto a standard CD-R. The CDR format is the Blu-ray® high-density format specification, and this has the same logical layers as the Blu-ray Disc format. BD-Video, BD-Audio, BD-RCL and BD-ROM.Review:
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BDInfo Crack

BDInfo is an application that allows users to have all their information about their Blu-ray discs.
This software is an out-of-the-box utility that will display a well-structured graphical interface requiring the user to specify the path to their Blu-ray disc or a dedicated folder on the hard disk.
BDInfo collects multiple video and audio technical specifications from Blu-ray discs, such as the playlist file contents, the disc size, as well as the stream codec and bitrate details.
Also, users can view the total length of their files, along with the estimated size, thus permitting them to calculate the total space they need to backup the file to the PC.
The Codec section is the place where users can view the full codec name, its corresponding language, the bitrate and some additional details.
BDInfo enables users to generate detailed reports regarding their discs, and these can be saved to an external file that can be analyzed at a later time. Users can access the Report window when they want to generate charts of the video bitrate and frame size over time.
Moreover, users can choose to include a quick text summary within their reports, along with the corresponding stream diagnostics.
To sum it up, BDInfo will help Blu-ray enthusiasts analyze their discs or their mounted ISO files, thus obtaining a comprehensive report for their disc movie collections.
Key Features:

Search for Blu-ray ISOs:

Search for Blu-ray ISO files. You can search for one or more series’ (from a Blu-ray movie) from a local Blu-ray drive or a network drive.

Search for entire Blu-ray movie collections:

Search for entire Blu-ray movies collections. You can search for a movie with or without its ISO. The collections will be listed in alphabetical order. You can add new movies or remove unwanted films.

Size statistics:

Size statistics. Get the exact disc size after decompressing a Blu-ray movie to ISOs. The disc size can be calculated either in the whole disk, or just in the main movie.


The disc information. Browse through one or multiple discs from your Blu-ray drive or a network drive.


The codec information. Browse through one or multiple codecs from your Blu-ray drive or a network drive.


The report. Generate reports with detail information regarding the video bitrate and frame size


Support multiple Blu-ray and ISO disc files

Ability to play samples through the disc

Create customized reports

Support multi-threading, dual CPU

Support multi-language

Option of faster and more accurate decoding

Option to scan / analyze for copyright

Option to stream the video content

Allows you to select Blu-ray titles, and even on the fly for videos

Video quality analyzers

Analysis helps you identify titles within your BD collection for sale

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What’s New in the BDInfo?

Bdiinfo is software that can provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your Blu-ray disks and Blu-ray ISO files. It can also help you identify what is wrong with your disc or other media after you watch it. It is an easy to use and very fast application that you should definitely try.

BluRayDefrag is a powerful tool for Blu-ray defragmentation developed by Blu-rayBootLoader. It’s a unique application because it can defragrece all Blu-ray, no matter if original, HDCP protected or region locked.
Defragmenting Blu-ray is much more than just a routine job, because it can remove all the optical debris on its disc, thus releasing a big portion of the disc’s storage capacity.

The highly portable, well-organized utility Blu-rayDefrag simplifies the process of defragmentation of Blu-ray disc. As it scans a BD, it displays the optical debris found within its content. If this remains in high amount, then Blu-rayDefrag can remove them, resulting in either a higher disc capacity or a fuller experience.
Defragmenting Blu-ray was never an easy task, as they are usually checked manually. Blu-rayDefrag helps to make the process simpler, due to a comprehensive metadata analysis and the creation of a custom script.
It collects all the required information for a more accurate analysis. This information may include navigation paths, data areas, audio tracks, subtitles, video tracks, chapters and more.
As a result of the analysis, the script generates a file that contains a list of items with the following information: each item can be saved to a text file as well as exported to LibreOffice or TextMate formats.
The list of items is a TAR file which contains an XML file per Blu-ray item. When you open the XML files with a text editor, you can find all the information related to the Blu-ray content.

The Blu-ray Defragmenter is a tool developed by Tom’s Blu-ray Toolkit to defragment Blu-ray and Blu-ray RIP files. It is the first stand-alone application for the Blu-ray format and the only fully-featured defragmentation tool on the market.
The Blu-ray Defragmenter makes it easy for you to defragment any Blu-ray disc, CD-Rs, CDs or Super-DISCs. At its core, the program allows

System Requirements For BDInfo:

Windows: Vista/7/8/10 64-bit.
Mac: OS X 10.7 or later 64-bit.
Linux: Ubuntu 11.04 and newer (32-bit or 64-bit).
Steam: (64-bit client only) Steam account required for game activation.
Nintendo Switch: Account required for game activation.
Oculus Rift/Vive: Account required for game activation.
Internet connection required for game activation.
Units may be pre-ordered at retailers before their release.

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