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Multimedia playback and decoding movies from Blu-ray discs or High Definition DVDs are tasks that require specialized tools and dedicated components that support particular audio or video formats. This is the case for H.264 video streams which need a codec for decoding.
Carefully manages given system resources
Among the compatible tools available on the market, CoreAVC is one of the most well known and used codecs. It is especially designed for playing back high quality H.264 video and it can help users make the best out of their hardware resources.
Making use of graphics processors
One of the features that makes CoreAVC so attractive for users worldwide is the ability to take the load off the CPU and use the graphics card for processing the video stream. The codec is compatible with CUDA video cards and it can fully benefit from the special architecture to use the GPU for decoding and rendering.
Supporting various screen resolutions
Another characteristic specific to CoreAVC is the multicore support which means it can put to work several cores of the processor to obtain the fastest video decoding. The codec can also handle resolutions up to 8100 by 8100 and comes with support for Matroska MKV format.
An easy to use interface
The provided interface is clean an easy to use. It features a handful of details that most experienced users can take advantage of in order to tweak input and output formats, as well as several image adjustment settings.
In conclusion
All things considered, CoreAVC is definitely one of the most suitable solutions for decoding H.264 video, especially since it has such a solid feature pack. It cleverly puts system resources to use, so that a computer is not overburdened, making the most of what it is provided with.







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CoreAVC is an advanced video tool with a simple to use interface. It is compatible with videos shot with H.264 codec and with H.264-AVC streams that are encoded with a graphics processor. CoreAVC is a multi-core decoder, compatible with GPU technology, that can be used for decoding video. It supports very high resolutions, thanks to its multicore support. CoreAVC uses the multi-core architecture to decode video streams from H.264 and GPU technology to accelerate the decoding process. It supports 4K, 5K, 8K and 1080p. Its key features are: multi-core H.264 video decoder that can exploit the power of the graphic card, GPU acceleration for the H.264 decoder, display quality adjustments to maximize video clarity, multi-core support up to 8K, Matroska MKV support, ease of use with a friendly interface, and much more.
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Note: The full version of the CoreAVC Codec supports GPU acceleration, which means the video card will not slow down the performance of your PC. The free version cannot use GPU acceleration, which means it will work slower.
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CoreAVC is a popular Codec API in a DVD decoder that aims to bring a faster and more responsive experience to both Blu-ray and DVD media playback. The CoreAVC codec API was designed from the ground up to leverage the computing power of graphics cards and CPUs to accelerate playback of Blu-ray discs or DVDs, through the GPU and multiple cores of a video decoding process. The CoreAVC codec was created by popular Codecs developer Acam Systems. CoreAVC is a lightweight Codec API that is compatible with CUDA Video Cards, and can be used to decode high-resolution H.264 Video streams on the GPU, and simultaneously decode and deliver video for playback on the CPU or GPU.
Fastest DVD and Blu-ray Codec:
CoreAVC delivers the most powerful performance possible on a variety of computing systems. With a single thread, the CoreAVC Codec API decodes Blu-ray or DVD Discs up to 8x faster than the previous released version.
GPU Acceleration for CoreAVC:
GPU acceleration is enabled with CoreAVC in order to enable the decoding and playback of high-resolution H.264 Video streams on the GPU.
Multi-core Support for CoreAVC:
CoreAVC features multi-core support to provide a more responsive media playback experience. In the case of CoreAVC, multi-core support is enabled with up to 4 cores to help process high-resolution video streams.
CoreAVC Video Specifications:
Format/Resolution Support: H.264/AVC
Bitrate: DVD/Blu-Ray/HD Video – 29.97/25/30
Channels: 2 Audio only
Video: 4:2:2, 4:4:4, 16:9, 8:4:4, 4:2:0
Audio: 22.05 KHz mono

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What’s New In?

CoreAVC is a lightweight and easy to use Mac application for decoding High Definition video streams. The program can work with HD videos from Blu-ray discs or HD DVDs, and can handle resolutions up to 8100 by 8100.
CoreAVC Features:
Supporting different formats, among them Matroska MKV, ASF, OGG, QuickTime MOV, WAV, AVI, and 3GP
Decoding High Definition video from Blu-ray or DVD discs
Supporting a variety of screen resolutions (up to 8100 by 8100)
Multi-core support and CUDA supported cards
Clean and easy to use interface
Efficient system resources management
Fully customizable features

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System Requirements:

Windows 7, Vista or XP
Intel® Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core™ processor
1.0 GHz
2 GB RAM (4 GB for Windows® Vista)
DirectX®9.0 compatible video card with a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768
80 GB free hard disk space
30 mb internet connection
System Requirements:

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