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Restoring data that was erased from a device accidentally or intentionally is not an easy job and only through specialized tool can someone get it back in full. When it comes to mobile phones, there are numerous dedicated utilities once can try and one of them is DDR – Mobile Phone Recovery (formerly Mobile Phone Inspector).
Simple and practical interface
When deploying this particular application, you will surely notice the convenient way in which all the functions are placed inside the main window. All the commands are at hand, so finding and recovering the lost files seems an easy task.
Extensive search possibilities
The first part of any recovery process is the identification of the target files and this can only be done after a thorough search is conducted. DDR – Mobile Phone Recovery offers several possibilities in this respect, so you can query for missing photos, videos and any other type of file through the dedicated search functions you have at your disposal.
Drive details, logging and fast searching
As soon as the phone is connected and you select the type of query you want to carry out, an Explorer-like window will enable you to select the drive to inspect. Inside the right-side pane, you receive a plethora of information regarding the storage media.
An essential characteristic of this type of tools is the operating speed and DDR – Mobile Phone Recovery can work pretty quick. It is able to find whole partitions that were erased and it logs the entire process.
There is another way in which you can get back lost files, more precisely by selecting the range of sectors on the highlighted disk so the application can search only in a specific spot.
Final considerations
Even if it has a decent looks and comes with several search modes, DDR – Mobile Phone Recovery could be easier to operate and with less technical details, so as to attract more users. At this stage, it is more suited for advanced users and for those who have some extra time to spend in order to better understand every bit of information displayed by this tool.







DDR – Mobile Phone Recovery Crack+ Free For Windows [Updated-2022]

DDR – Mobile Phone Recovery is a built-in tool that is able to perform a variety of functions when it comes to mobile phones. The main focus of the application lies on data recovery and this is performed in a simple and user-friendly way.
Simple and advanced search modes
The simplest interface when it comes to the DDR – Mobile Phone Recovery user interface, but this does not exclude that advanced search modes can be implemented through the dedicated settings window. It is a little bit complicated to operate but there is no need to spend hours of practice as soon as you just click and you find the right option you are looking for.
Unlimited recovery power
The concept of DDR – Mobile Phone Recovery is to look for the files that were erased by mistake or the bad guys did it intentionally. So, it is important to note that you can carry out a deep or a more superficial recovery process according to your preferences.
Drives details and logging
When carrying out any type of data recovery process, it is important to know a lot of information in order to identify the target files. DDR – Mobile Phone Recovery is able to log a lot of information about the storage media, so it is easy to restore files.
Multiple search modes
The best part of any data recovery tool is the ability to look for all types of files, so it is great to see that DDR – Mobile Phone Recovery allows multiple searches to be carried out. You just need to find the right tab in order to carry out a specific search for the files you are looking for.
Well-designed interface and features
The operation of DDR – Mobile Phone Recovery does not require any great knowledge in order to be carried out. The main interface is simple and equipped with useful features such as a log, a list of drives, a selected drive, a search box and a magnifying glass.
There is an opinion that DDR – Mobile Phone Recovery is a little bit complicated to operate as it is built in a sophisticated manner and it looks like the application is complicated, but this is not the truth and the user interface is simple and straightforward.

No matter what type of device it is, the recovery of lost data on mobile devices is not an easy job. The only way to restore the files you need back is by using a data recovery application. Mobile Phone Inspector is a mobile phone recovery tool that offers the possibility to restore lost data in just a few clicks.
Simple and practical interface
This is one of the simplest applications when it comes to recovering lost data

DDR – Mobile Phone Recovery Crack +

The DDR – Mobile Phone Recovery is a tool that will enable you to restore your lost data even without having a data backup. If you have mistakenly lost your data, this tool can help you in two ways: 1. Recover Lost Data from a phone that it it’s not connected to the computer. 2. Recover Phone Data from a PC that is not equipped with a data recovery software. The DDR – Mobile Phone Recovery can be used with other phone models and not only Nokia. This advanced application is not suitable for general users because it require advanced knowledge and the only people who can fully use it are those with strong technical skills. The DDR – Mobile Phone Recovery is easy to use and…


Adopt the latest universal serial bus standard, introduce the “micro-USB interface”. Through the USB interface, the serial control signal, data line, power supply line, data transmission direction is compatible. It can be compatible with the existing USB type A type C.

The hard drive adopts advanced design and is matched with the design of the ultra-thin mobile phone.

The hard drive is equipped with an ultra-thin chassis design and is ultra-thin mobile phone design, so it can be integrated into the mobile phone itself.

Besides, based on the high-end embedded CPU, the hard drive is designed for the mobile phone.

The two functions of the phone call are significantly reduced, so as to meet the requirements of the slim mobile phone.

The travel lock function can perform the retrieval of write operations on the way, which greatly improves the ability of the drive, and no loss of data may occur.

This model is for the memory of the hard drive Toshiba enterprise 2TB, 1.4mm-thin and weighs only 41g, and the power source DC5V.

Product Specifications:

Imported from Japan

4 in 1

USB Type-C

Volume size: 2T

Hard Drive model: TBZHD

Screw structure: 5PT-6PT

Package content: 3 PCs in 1 box

Housing size: 46 x 52 x 9,5mm

Connection cable: USB2.0


1. The external hard drive, there will be a little installation virus in the game, please please read the below instructions.

DDR – Mobile Phone Recovery Crack Free

This report presents a comparison of DDR – Mobile Phone Recovery (formerly Mobile Phone Inspector) and File Doctor It acts in a similar way to previous programs but it offers some additional functionality.
File Doctor offers a number of powerful features to help you recover data and identify files that have been accidentally deleted or changed. It is especially useful if you have an iPhone, iPod touch or Android device.
Get all the information you need about your device, including information such as serial number, operating system, app installed, bootloader version, size of free and used space and internal memory.
Simple and intuitive interface
File Doctor is very easy to use. Run it and the system will scan your device and display any information it finds. You can then use File Doctor to fix or delete any existing problems.
Perform a memory diagnostic on your device to check the state of the memory. It looks for problems like corrupted files, invalid file systems, bad sectors, and damaged files.
File Doctor easily recovers data from failed devices. It doesn’t matter if the file has been deleted or saved onto another device; it can retrieve the file from anywhere.
File Doctor is very powerful. For example, if the file you want to recover has been lost due to an editing mistake, it will be able to show you exactly what was changed and what it’s called. You can then have File Doctor repair the file and restore it to its original state. You don’t have to worry about using the computer to copy files anymore.
If you’ve deleted a file or you’ve changed some other file, the system will find out. It will then inform you of the change and show you where and what the original file is. This tool can automatically check over all your devices to make sure that you haven’t deleted or changed any important files.
File Doctor automatically backs up and saves all of your files. This means that you can just enjoy your phone again. You can also restore your files to their original place.
You can delete individual files or delete whole folders. File Doctor will also work with encrypted files and this means that you can use File Doctor to recover files even when the data has been encrypted or changed.
File Doctor’s recovery speed depends on the file’s size. It may be a bit slow if the file is very large.
File Doctor can’t find lost files on your device.
File Doctor works only on

What’s New In DDR – Mobile Phone Recovery?

It is a mobile phone recovery software, its main purpose is to restore your mobile phone data. It is a very convenient tool because it’s simple to use and has a user-friendly interface.

Phone Manager allows you to manage every Android phone and tablet, from a simple user-friendly interface.
Key Features:
Manage, install and remove apps on a phone
Check apps information, including icon and APK file, etc.
Toggle shortcut options from within an app
Manage shortcuts from within the app
Manage shortcut, icon and wallpaper settings
Send shortcut to another phone
Manage incoming/outgoing call settings
Controls sounds and vibrations of the device
Blacklist apps which are activated when the device is restarted
Manage home screens, including the launcher and apps
Toggle the device on/off
Manage widgets in the Status Bar
Manage notifications in the notification bar
Set/remove the screen saver
Manage apps, bookmarks and themes
Long press an app to open the app info
Manage accounts within the app
Manage accounts within the phone manager
Manage both apps and accounts
Manage accounts
View detailed information about an account
Manage accounts in the apps list
Send the app list to another device
Download apps from the Google Play Store
Share apps from the Google Play Store to a different device
Find apps which are available from the local network
Share app shortcuts to other phones

Whoa! You have to jailbreak a phone before you can do much with it in Cydia because Cydia is only available for jailbroken devices. But now you can download the Cydia tweak for iOS 7 without a jailbreak.

The purejailbreak tweak package is a brand new jailbreak tweak that’s available for download on Cydia store for free.

This tweak will create a home screen icon for you. Just tap the icon of your choice from the Home screen and a window with a list of all wallpapers in your device will open.

You can either make a small background change to the wallpaper or even get a whole image changed.

It can do the following tasks.

– Change the color of home screen icons
– Change the color of application icons
– Change the color of folders
– Change the background of all widgets
– Change the color of the dock
– Change the color of the alert windows
– Change the color of the quick to

System Requirements For DDR – Mobile Phone Recovery:

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