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The Elden Ring, an organization of heroes who desire peace in an age of chaos, forges a new world. During this time of turbulence, a priestess named Eliza reveals herself to the priest of the church, giving birth to the next generation of the world – the Elden Ring.
With time, the crisis of the generations to come is forgotten as people begin to build a new world in which to live, untouched by the chaos that gripped the world during the era of the Elden Ring.
Now, many years later, a young boy named Emro, an elf of the clan of Lokata, is quietly wandering through the Lands Between, where he and his companions are told legends about the new world that is being built.
One day, he hears an insane voice, which tells him that there is a world even more powerful than the one being built in the Lands Between, and that the one who possesses this magical power will rule the entire world.
As Emro follows this voice, he becomes a target of a sinister organization called the Dorset Company, whose ambition is to obtain the power of the Elden Ring and rule the entire world.
In Emro’s quest to confront the Dorset Company and uncover the truth behind the legend, he will discover a new world…

– Chapter 1
– Welcome to a World That Dares to Open
– The Lords of Destruction
– Your Journey and Collection
– Prologue

Please enjoy the game!

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Features Key:

  • Create a unique character that evolves into its own legend! Gear up, train, and empower your character using the class progression system to customize your play style!
  • Trainer system: build your own character using the Class Progression System and the items you acquired from defeating monsters in the world to train your character to evolve or enhance its power.
  • Dungeon exploration with a variety of and unexpected situations! Team up with your friends or other players to get the most of it!
  • Whether you like conquering dungeons or you excel in the defense against enemies, the content that you play will be challenging and generate satisfaction according to your ability!
  • Put the world at your feet! Explore the vast world of the Lands Between full of exciting dungeons!
  • Look forward to epic battles! Engage in massive PvP online battles with your friends or other players!
  • Battle your way through the world together! Map out the rich and powerful friendships and relationships that develop using a class-based PvP system!
  • Earn legendary weapons, parts, and armor! Earn your own legend by earning the weapons, parts, and armor you’ll need for your class in the world.
  • Collect and exchange medals with other players! Compete in the wide variety of medals to obtain!
  • Various PVP battles are held in real time by players with their Almirah equipped! You can fight with your Almira against other players equipped with their Almirah in real time.
  • Amidst the drama, there are also traditional ARPG elements implemented! Look forward to the fairytale mode dedicated to Almirah battles!
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    Elden Ring Free

    (Elden Rings are Premium Items that can be purchased through the in-game store.)

    ▼ STORY (Elden Ring Game)
    In the Lands Between, a cursed sword strikes an evil from the past.
    After that, a mysterious, black-furred young man and a beautiful woman appear. The young man’s name is Elden Ring. It is said that the cursed sword which struck the evil has cursed the world, and that all that have been plagued by the curse will be cursed and fated to die. Elden Ring who has survived the curse defeated the evil and received the blessing from the cursed sword. This blessing has given him power. Afterwards, the innocent young woman is separated from the young man, and his whereabouts are unknown…
    The god of time has scattered the world, and as darkness creeps, the lands begin to crumble and lose their light. The God who created time is nowhere to be found…
    A thousand years have passed, and Elden Ring is found in a tiny, isolated village. He has been living there since he came to the young woman and her village. The young man has become accustomed to the power of the Elden Ring and is able to protect people using his power. From there, he continues to protect the villagers and grows.
    Elden Ring is a young man who is loyal to the villagers, and thus fights with all his strength as the protector of the village that he loves so much.
    The God of Time, who scattered the world, returns…The god of time, who is one of the oldest gods, returns to the world and strikes down the people once again. Just when Elden Ring is about to be killed by the god of time, the young woman appears…The young woman has come to the village to find a place of light in the darkness. She searches for Elden Ring, the only person she knows, but he has vanished. The young woman and Elden Ring seek a place of light. She is carrying the power of God in her body. The power of God glows with the same power as the moon…
    Elden Ring and the young woman traverse the lands and roam the world. Together, they make their way forward to light, hoping that they will be able to return to the existence they left…

    (Campaign by LUCASI)

    ▼ Trailer
    ▼ Gameplay


    Elden Ring Crack + Free Download




    • The Legacy of the Hero
    During the last battle against the Guardians, Tarnished, the Demon King´s Servant, lost his remaining three servants. The remaining three heroines, Asamatsu, Mino, and Shino, stepped into the role of heroines to protect the world. You are new to the world. How will your future be influenced by the actions you take now?
    • Lord Perilous
    The powerful spirit, Perilous, who opposes the Demon King, lies at the center of this world. With the help of this spirit, you can receive Lord Perilous’ support. Can you become an Elden Lord with the help of the power of the Elden Ring?


    • Join a party
    A party of up to 4 heroines is a bond to protect together. You can also adopt and raise a newborn who is a descendant of a heroine and who has a chance to become a hero.

    • Variety of Gatherings
    In the game, you can meet your party in three different locations: the guild of heroes in the city of Light, the encampment of heroes in the field in front of the city, or in the Barrow.

    • A World with Endless Possibility
    In a world full of mysteries, the various conversations and scenarios are variable. By visiting taverns, townspeople, or demons, you can learn new information. You can discover a large variety of options to develop yourself and your party.

    • An Entertainment for All Ages
    The player adventure RPG has a story that can be enjoyed by adults without relying on high-level mechanics, as well as by younger players who enjoy the details. You can enjoy the gameplay without being confused by the mysterious world.



    Fatal Characters

    • Death

    Death is a fatal character that destroys all characters within a certain range around it. It is the end of the characters. You lose all experience and items.
    • Resurrection

    Resurrection is a fatal character that causes all characters killed within a certain range around it to be reborn. It is a powerful way to strengthen your party. The resurrection power of the characters returned to life is different for each character and you can also select to return the character to life with or without a pet.


    What’s new:

    “We are excited to announce that the new fantasy action RPG Tarnished is coming to PS Vita on November 29th in Japan, and to share some fresh news on the game,” said Producer and Director Yukinori Kitajima. “Our goal is to develop the game that puts an emphasis on winning with atmosphere. The game will provide a wholly new playing experience with finely polished action scenes.”
    “We are really excited to announce that Tarnished, the new fantasy action RPG, will be launching on November 29th in Japan,” said Chief Director Yujiro Kishimoto. “We have been building a game that incorporates a new narrative system, where the story is told with fragments, and we’ve taken great steps to improve the quality of the content itself. We hope you will look forward to our game that makes you fill in the gaps in your own imagination– we have put much effort in the work of making beautiful sights and sounds.”

    ■Playable Demo Available Now
    During the Summer of the same year as a yearly event for the Japanese gaming public, special opportunities for early access to Tarnished starting from July 26 are available.

    For more information on Tarnished, including information on features, content, and features, please visit Tarnished’s official website.


    Tarnished - Group Login ScreenFree Download Elden Ring

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    With this license you may use the game for free, but you may not redist


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
    Processor: 2.0 GHz
    Memory: 1 GB
    Graphics: 256 MB
    DirectX: Version 9.0
    1. Press on the DEVIL MAY CRY Logo
    2. Click on “YES”
    3. Select a minimum of 8.1 GB of free space
    4. Select “Create”
    5. Wait a few moments for the process to complete
    1. Open the.iso


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