Elden Ring: Deluxe Edition SKiDROW CODEX [v 1.02 + DLC] [32|64bit] [March-2022]



Brought to you by the same development team that created the highly popular Hyperdimension Neptunia RPG series, this dynamic action role-playing game serves up the ultimate fantasy experience.
With a theme of a game based on the unification of the two worlds, you’ll be transported to the Lands Between, an open world filled with excitement.
Your chosen name will become your title in the world, and at your side are the powers of an extraordinary ring.
Explore countless dungeons as you progress, and with the power to combine weapons and magic into a powerful combo, you can create countless strategies.
As you equip your weapons and armor, boost your strength, and master magic, you can freely develop your character according to your play style, so that you become an experienced adventurer in the Lands Between.

©FRAMED FICTION. © Kazumi Morishita, Hyperdimension Neptunia Production Committee



Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Create your own experience
    In the game, you can freely create your own experience. The balance of game logic and character control is flexible and easy to grasp, which allows you to fully enjoy yourself as you progress through the adventure. Those with moderate game experience should be able to enjoy it.
  • Idle talk• MMO gameplay
    Use “Idle Talk” to randomly talk with other players or receive their thoughts via an in-game AI chat. Request help with battles, trade in goods or search for odd, intriguing items.
  • Casual gameplay• Simple, elegant UI
    All menus and key functions are displayed in the same font size. There are no complicated settings to remember. With an easy-to-use UI that will feel familiar to every RPG player, the game will be immediately fun and intuitive.
  • Adventure, Appreciation, and Challenge
    World War, 0Tarnished 29% , Adventure, Appreciation, and Challenge. In addition to satisfying a strong urge to engage in adventure, Tarnished provides serious gameplay while providing the low pressure of familair setting players comfort.
  • Key Features (after launch):

    • AA • Unique Online Play
      Starting from the very first beginning, the Asynchronous Online Play will be available and where you can feel the game environment mutually interacting with each other.
    • MMO • MMO (console)
      You can connect with other players in the same territory, so that you can enjoy role-playing through grand adventure in our geography. We are planning to release services which allows you to connect even the distant territories.
    • Arcade Game
      Combat the various Monsters that attack the town and assault those that storm into the desert! Simple and elegant action games are available for those who enjoy the thrill of thrilling arcade games.
    • MMO Campaign
      Discover hidden secrets and progress to a culmination alongside an entire community in a single, welcoming environment.
    • Year-End Sale
      We will be offering a special price of 3,699 Yen, as a year-end sale.
    • Official Website: www.


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      Amazing game, truly brimming with atmosphere and fun. Unique blend of real world and fantasy also creates a beautiful blend of gameplay. Anyone looking for a super fun game should buy this with open arms.

      – Jose

      Fantastic game, and it’s a super fun dungeon crawler, like Monster Hunter and Mega Man, or even more than that! But with a very nice touch of Metroidvania games!

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      With a unique blend of RPG and action game, this game has got everything that I love in gaming: fun, adventure, exploration, and a world that gives me anxiety to see what I’ll find next.

      – Guillermo

      Truly a unique title, it’s one of the most fun I’ve played so far. The combat system is very simple and I love how I can customize my character. I’m loving every moment of this game.

      – Aaron

      Incredibly fun with an absurdly over-the-top and entertaining story. It’s funny and has a great sense of humor. I’ve been very entertained with this game.

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      If you like to get lost in a rich world, with lots of stuff to explore and deal with, you will really enjoy this game.

      – Miquel

      Very entertaining, it has a very nice atmosphere and a lot of game for 30€. Buy it because you’ll enjoy it.

      – Mariano

      A very original RPG, full of charm and I really like it.

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      Has all the elements that made the Monster Hunter series very interesting, being fun to play, and a good feeling of accomplishment.

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      Elden Ring [Mac/Win]

      Fantasy RPG Co-op: Online Play

      As a slave of the Elden Ring, the legendary power of the empire, Garnet lives under its dark dominion. Unlike other slaves, Garnet has the power to transform into a “Rise,” a being of the enemy. At the very outset of the war, the megalomaniac Oak survived the operation, sacrificing his life to protect his nation. After the war, Oak broke through the southern reaches of the Lands Between and became a savior to the outcasts. The rise of a group of outlaws who calls themselves the “Crimson Lion” continues to accelerate the struggles in the story.

      THE STORY OF THE ELDEN RING takes place in a fantasy world where the land and the four elements have merged, creating a world of magical elemental powers. As the Power of the Land, the Elden Ring, the four elements, and the four races have created this magical world.

      ■ Playstyle
      (of the Elden Ring)
      Not even death would stop the rise of the Elden Ring.
      The Elden Ring, which was formed before the War of the Land, wields the power of the War of the Land. The rise or fall of the Elden Ring represents the last hope for mankind as well as the fate of the nation and the world.
      At the very outset of the War of the Land, an enemy appeared who had been steeped in the memories of the War of the Land and planned to create an age of darkness. The rise of the Elden Ring also stirred up a force in the land to oppose it.
      Now you must struggle against this enemy together with the four races of the Lands Between, the Amber Ring, Blue Ring, Green Ring, and Pink Ring.

      World of Beyond

      ■ What is a World of Beyond?
      The “World of Beyond” is an ancient world from the past before the War of the Land. The story takes place there, and the setting is a world created by the Elden Ring. When the War of the Land took place, the Elden Ring was dethroned, and the world was divided into several territories. While some regions were run by the new powers, others were still ruled by the Elden Ring.
      The four races of the Lands Between live among the remnants of the War of the Land. The people are overtaken by the power of the Five Elements.
      Rise of the Eld


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      Introducing Hells Gate City of Steam
      Without doubt, the all-new fantasy RPG Hells Gate City of Steam is a cartography masterpiece, and it truly goes to show what gaming can be like without being bogged down by various limitations. With a refreshing change of scenery from the previous wave, King’s Gate City of Steam introduces players to the ups and downs of this versatile city. The problem is that the player character, Ash, is left with no choice but to live in a section of it known as Hell. The hell in question is a hell-type city famous for its narrow and hilly streets, high walls and dank residences. All Ash really wants is to get out, and that’s why he heads to the entrance. There are, however, unexplainable anomalies in the city, and Ash is plunged straight into the chaos. Ash then finds himself in the mouth of Hells Gate City of Steam, which is also dubbed as Hells Gate by the locals. The gates of Hell are laid bare before Ash, and it is a gift he does not want. With his trusty companions, Ash will embark on an adventure deep in the bowels of Hell where he will meet all manner of amazing characters. Over the course of the city, Ash and his followers will stay at the home of various mean-spirited hosts along the way, and he will have to avoid the consequences of going all up in the residents’ business. Hells Gate City of Steam is chock-full of content. Explore the beautiful and intriguing city through its districts as you collect a variety of new items and discover the secrets of Hell. You can join together with others and share the best moments of a replayable experience that goes on for days. Make the most of the special quests, enormous maps, and unique dungeons as you lead your chosen adventurer through the maze of Hells Gate City of Steam to take revenge on a certain someone.

      Take the journey to the free fantasy RPG Hells Gate City of Steam anytime! It gets a little naughtier with each new update! You can now hire/use more than 15 Skells, including Great Skells. Each Skell has different strengths and weaknesses. You can find endless ways to customize your character! What are you waiting for? Claim it today and  

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      Step 1: Extract the ELDEN RING game archive using WinRAR or 7zip.

      Step 2: Rename the game file in ELDEN RING game folder (The name of the game folder is called “D:Program FilesBorlandCBuilder 4.5Windows AppBuilder 4.5”) to the name without the TIFN extension “ELDEN RING” or “ELDEN RING-TIFN”, depending on what TIFN variant of the game you have.

      Step 3: Run the game and follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

      Step 4: After the game finishes installing, you will need to install the game trainer. To do this, right-click on the ELDEN RING game icon and choose “Run as Administrator”.

      Step 5: Select the path where you installed the game from Step 4 and copy the game trainer file called “ELDEN RING_install.reg” into this directory. Run the game trainer to install the game trainer.

      Step 6: Copy the ELDEN RING game key from the “USERDATALOCATION\BORLAND\CBUILDERS” folder on the game CD or DVD to the “Userdatalelocation\Borland\CBUilders\Game” folder on your hard disk.

      Step 7: Run the game launcher and launch the game.

      Step 8: Download the game from the “Games” menu.

      Step 9: Run the game.

      Step 10: Enjoy the ELDEN RING game.

      If you can’t play the ELDEN RING game because of a error, then you should try to reinstall the game. It is strongly recommended that the game should be installed on the same computer as the game launcher and game trainer. However, if you can’t reinstall the game or get the game running because of some other reason, try to change the permissions for the game folder to “Everyone with full control”.

      How to play ELDEN RING game:

      Step 1: The game installs 2 patches, both of which are saved in the “BORLAND\CBUILDERS\Patch” folder on the CD or DVD. If you want to access more patches, then you need to install


      How To Crack:

    • +32 Color Volume
    • +800×800/720p Display
    • +3D Models and Graphics
    • +8 Music
    • +Shadow
    • +Energy
    • +Effects
    • +Auto Save
    • +Minimalist Interface
    • +Illustrated Encyclopaedia and Quest Database
    • +Anti-ghosting TECHNOLOGY
    • +Radix Verification
    • +Against Hack
    • An extensive Single Player campaign with 65 Chapters
    • +Freedom of Play Style (Focus on Power & Magic)
    • +Fantastic and adventureful world that is Rich with enemies and scaleiness
    • +7 Class (Elden Scout, Elden Fighter, Elden Mage, Elden Priest, Elden Archer, Elden Paladin, Elden Hunter)
    • +4 Characters to Play as in Multiplayer
    • +Blockout games, Team Deathmatch, Local Co-operative, Training Area
    • +Training Mode for beginners
    • +Tutorial Mode



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