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The Alliance
• Stand united, and conquer the world together!
• Offer strength, courage, and power to friends of the Ring.

o Greataxe Commander
o Courage and growth
o Immense power
o An unstoppable Greataxe

• Vast World
• Legendary Item
• Heroes’ Strength

The Alliance
o Heroic Champion
o Strength and courage
o An unstoppable Champion

• Areas of Fame
• Demons
• Secrets of the Ring
• Legend of an Elden Lord

– Powerful and Unique Game System
– More than 300 pieces of Equipment, with special weapons and clothing that can be unequipped
– More than 200 different items
– Customize Equipment by changing the attachment and the shape of the weapon and armor.
– The strength and defense of each equipment can be raised with additional upgrades.
– The size of each weapon and armor can be changed and combined with the strong enemy
– A large open field with beautiful graphics.
– An arena-type dungeon with complex three-dimensional designs.
– More than 30 different bosses and allies you will meet
– Create and Save your own custom classes
– Over 100 pieces of epic equipment.
– 12 different character professions
– A multilayered story that is rich with drama that you can experience only in this game.
– Player Customization and Careers
– Distinct character voices and computer graphics.

■ Characters

Brai Ritsuko A rich and foolish woman, Brai has a serious attitude and a firm will to succeed. She became an adventurer to save her village, which was destroyed by bandits. Her village was not rebuilt when she returned home. She sought the power and strength of the Elden Ring to destroy the bandits. After years of diligent practice, Brai became the first ally to be chosen for the Alliance.

Grim Ryanne A mysterious woman who looks like a warrior. She comes from a long line of warriors who were raised by wolves in the southern deserts. She is confident and commanding, and she believes that she will be able to protect the people from the bandits. She has a distorted view of women: she believes that only a man can be a warrior, so she no longer practices a womanly skill.

■ Journey

– The Rise of an Elden Lord
Following the corruption of the Elden Ring and the destruction of the Village of Maribelle


Features Key:

  • ○ A Character that You can be Proud Of
    A character that you can be proud of grows within you as you develop. Increase your level and strength to increase the number of attributes obtained using specific combinations.

    ○ A Strong/Fast Cast
    Use your attributes to add magic power in an intuitive manner. Use the spells you have at hand to respond to what may come up in various areas on the field.

  • ○ An Above-Average Action RPG
    For a wide range of action as well as fantasy experiences that allow you to have fun, try the action RPG that provides comprehensive enjoyment not found in any other game!

    ○ Online Battles
    Play online as a full party, or form a group to take on challenging opponents. This online battle system makes cooperative dungeon crawling possible where you can engage in exciting, lively battles together!

  • ○ A Spectator Mode that Makes You Feel Anxiety
    Take on opponents under the developed system, while enjoying the way your character moves in accordance with your inputs.

    ○ Combo System
    Accumulate combos as you use weapons or spells in order to increase scores and use accessories to increase ranks.

    ○ Evolving Customization
    Rise in rank and become stronger with the equipment you spend your hard-earned gold on.

    ○ Unique Investment System
    Increase the strength and characteristics of your characters through levels and accessories to obtain further increases in strength as your play style changes.

    ○ Skill Sharing/Ravages
    Share your skills to other characters with friends via the rift and exchange with others that appear.

  • Furthermore, to allow a deeper sense of interaction between you and a character of your own, you can summon other characters that are close to you using the Rift. Also included is a Battle Arena that allows for a showdown between characters that you have equipped through a PvP system.

    • Battle Arena

      Fight in the Battle Arena, where you can unite with other players and test your skills with other party members or against players of higher rank that you defeated. Draw on your strengths and experience and battle it out with skills and ravages in the battle arena!

      ○ System to Fight against Talents and Skills


      Elden Ring Crack + Free Download For Windows 2022 [New]

      Erere_R1_King_2016-12-15_07.29.00 (Verified)
      I was eager to give this a try. I love fantasy games and have played Wizardry, Barovia, Mystara, some Baldur’s Gate and so on. So I thought it’d be fun to have one of my own fantasy based action RPG. I was not disappointed.

      Erere_R2_King_2016-12-14_07.29.00 (Verified)
      This was a pretty enjoyable game, but like I said above it lacks a pretty important feature.

      Erere_R3_King_2016-12-14_07.29.00 (Verified)
      Very solid turn-based RPG, love the vivid world and design. Can recommend.

      Erere_R4_King_2016-12-14_07.29.00 (Verified)
      This game is pretty good. The online mode is fun and quite unique, but if you want to play the game the way it was intended, there is a single player mode, which is pretty lacking at times.

      Erere_R5_King_2016-12-14_07.29.00 (Verified)
      This is a pretty fun game if you’re into RPGs, and if you’re just looking for an online RPG to try out, this is a pretty decent choice.

      Erere_R6_King_2016-12-14_07.29.00 (Verified)
      I played this for a few hours on the weekend, and it seems like a good game for the RPG crowd. I played as a warrior (which isn’t bad at all), and did quite well with it. The two-player mode is a lot of fun, and I like that both the single- and the two-player modes can be played online.

      Erere_R7_King_2016-12-14_07.29.00 (Verified)
      I wouldn’t recommend buying this for a single player RPG, but I think the two-player online mode is a good way to check it out.

      Erere_R8_King_2016-12-14_07.29.00 (Verified)
      I did a great job at the end of this game, it was fun, but too short! It was a


      Elden Ring Full Version Free For Windows

      The “Elden Ring” is the main content of the game and is the best path to create an Elden Lord.
      The content of Elden Ring are as follows:
      • Main Characters
      The main characters are unique from one another and can be freely developed.
      Various skills and personal traits contribute to the development of the main characters.
      In addition, you can obtain information about the game through a limited interaction with the main characters.
      • Combat (Manual and Auto)
      The player directly controls the action of the battle with X-Button. It is possible to freely control the movement and the attacks of the party members. The player can use a variety of weapons and magic to fight enemies. In “Auto Mode”, the attacks are executed as you press the X-Button.
      In “Manual Mode”, you can manually select an action. You can freely set the weapons and magic for each character and have your party members execute them in sequence.

      X-Button (X by default)

      Start the Selection of Combination

      Select Movement

      Equip + Select Weapon/Magic


      Recruit Characters

      Auto Mode (Default)

      Manual Mode

      All characters in the party have been recombined into one party to automatically perform an action.

      X-Button (X by default)

      Start the Selection of Combination

      Select Movement

      Equip + Select Weapon/Magic


      Character Action

      Equip/Un-Equip Item(s)

      Restore HP

      ● This is an example screen from the game.

      ● This is an example screen from the game.

      When the game is played, the main characters will attack enemies, work together to progress through the story, and go on a quest.

      ● The fight with enemies is automatically controlled.

      ● It is possible to decide the order for the party members to perform actions and to decide the timing and the methods for execution.

      ● For the actions of more than one main character at the same time, the fight with enemies is conducted according to a preset order.

      ● When attacking, the movement and attacks of the party members are automatically controlled.

      ● The party members are automatically controlled even when moving with no battles.

      ● The battle conditions in this game include solo battles, party battles, open battle, and boss battles.

      ● The


      What’s new:

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      There you go. you’re connected to


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