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The Land Beyond is home to the Elden Ring’s exploits from generations past, where they had created a new world—one filled with adventure and growth—from the afterlife world of Niflheim. However, they were unable to hold back the demonic beings that had always existed in the Lands Beyond, and the memories of those who died were lost forever. Now, after many years of preparation, the protagonist—a grim reaper who calls himself a Nephilim—encounters the Elden Ring’s soul in the afterlife and learns their true power. The Land Beyond is now the site of an epic duel between the protagonist and the revived Elden Ring.

Key Features

1. A Vast World with Endless Variety
Explore the world of the Lands Between in the belief that the charm of an immersive fantasy world and the exhilaration of a game with limitless possibilities are complementary.

2. Create Your Own Character
Customize the appearance of your character and equip weapons, armor, and magic with the most powerful tools to bring out your strengths.

3. Acquire the Power of the Elden Ring
Collect the soul fragments of the fallen Elden Ring warriors and merge them to revive the fallen warriors and learn their secrets. Fight off the demons that threaten the peace of the world and acquire power.

4. Unite with Others in an Online Multiplayer Arena
Challenge yourself in online battles and discover many different rules and maps that support competitive or cooperative play. Defeat as many enemies as possible with a variety of gameplay modes and win the death match for a massive amount of fame.

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1.50 trillion yen total net sales as of November 27, 2016.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Face New Challenges with Skill and Lore
    • Have a wide variety of high-level skills and handle various items and attacks efficiently. To obtain skills with high power, try to level up and master them.
    • With your choice of magic, harness a wide variety of spells
  • Relive the Myth of the Elden Ring
    • Retell the myth of the Elden Ring and travel to the Lands Between.
    • As you travel, you earn EXP and gather memories.
  • Build Your Own Home
    • Place buildings like shops and castles at the center of the world map for transportation purposes. Build facilities to take care of your own life.
    • Research and develop technologies, gather items, and level up for your life
  • Diverge Your Own Heartbeat
    • Create your own fate by developing your own unique philosophy and forging your own story.
  • Travel and Talk with people in real-time.
  • Play as your favorite character from the existing story of DarkSwindler.
  • New content from DBAI
  • Based on Dark Souls, a title from FromSoftware, Inc, and produced by the Platinum Engine, Inc.
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    Total Plays: 14,584

    Member Since: Aug 15, 2015

    Has Played: 1 – 2 weeks

    Online: 7 hours 1 day

    As much as I am a silent guy I do like to rant

    Elden Ring is an awesome game, full of charm and I recommend the game to everyone. Everyone who likes games that have many diverse gameplay styles and all of those who prefer to explore and are not bothered by having a variety of gameplay will love this game.

    I’m so excited about this game that I can’t even write it.


    5 year ago

    I love this game. I cannot wait to see what it has in store for the future.

    Elden Ring is not only an excellent game, but it is an outstanding choice for a mobile title.

    Thank you for this game.


    4 year ago

    Elden Ring is an absolutely amazing game with tons of innovation and an epic storyline. This is no casual game: fight through a huge dungeon where you have to collect valuable artifacts to pass to your rivals. This game is really challenging: I couldn’t do it alone, I had to work with others to move through the dungeon.

    I also love the beautiful fantasy artwork. The graphics are really great.

    The gameplay is extremely fun, especially when you get caught up in the story.


    Elden Ring is an indie game and it’s really different than other mobile games.

    You can hack and slash along with throwing your sword.

    You can find your way, and pay attention to the surroundings.

    You can do this skill chain to get that cool down skill and you can even do a combo to heal yourself!

    All these skills will be fun and exciting.

    I really recommend you playing this game!

    Now Featuring:

    – Unlimited Save

    – 7 game difficulty levels!

    – Beating the game by the get-go!

    – Daily Achievements

    – Ranked Mode

    – Extended & Intuitive Gameplay

    – An epic story

    “Unparalleled depth, engrossing mechanics and lush art combined to create the perfect fantasy epic. Elden Ring is a wonderful adventure of new and old alike.” – mobiSmash


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    Tarnished Princess

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    The thrilling arrows and spells are on your side in battle.

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    Listen to the voices of the dead. The mysterious music that fills the world of the living and the dead has been long lost. Explore the world of dreams, with the mysterious music of the synthesizer.

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    What’s new:

    This Rig has both traditional Freestyle and Hollow handles. The traditional hand guards are extremely comfortable and offer the rider a great range of motion. The Hollow hand guards have 3 times more surface area to grip with, thus giving you a stronger grip when playing in Trick Modes. The Whip comes with an adjustable whip cord for both Kiting and Freestyle to provide that feeling that you have an independent Switchblade.

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    Features & Specifications

    DescriptionRig Length: 42 cm

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    Max Speed: 45 Knots

    Max Flight Length: 3.4 meters

    Static Stability: 5.8

    Glide: 8.2

    Hole Length: 12 cm

    Full Length Rim: 26 cm

    Edge Pulling: 12 cm

    Whip Length: 6.5 meters

    Switch Blade Pole Length: 10 cm

    Artistic Shadow Line: 72 cm

    Handle Shape: Traditional & Hollow

    Control Line Length: 12 mm

    Blade Diameter: 26 mm

    Single Leading Line: 12 mm

    Double Leading Line: 10 mm

    Cone Diameter: 35 mm

    Rib Diameter: 15 mm

    Closed Area: 100 cm²

    Open Area: 110 cm²

    Kitesurfing:SOLO & GROUP


    Length:42 cm

    User Weight: 15-22 Kg

    Max Speed: 45 Knots

    Max Flight Length: 3.4 meters

    Static Stability: 5.8

    Glide: 8.2

    Hole Length: 12 cm

    Full Length Rim: 26 cm

    Edge Pulling: 12 cm

    Whip Length: 6.5 meters

    Switch Blade Pole Length: 10 cm

    Artistic Shadow Line: 72 cm

    Handle Shape: Traditional & Hollow

    Control Line Length: 12 mm


    Free Elden Ring Crack + Torrent (2022)

    Please make sure that you have installed all the programs and drivers required by your operating system.

    1. All the contents, game images, artworks and text in this guide are copyrighted by their respective owners.
    2. Run on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008 or 2003, 2000.Q:

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    * Internet connection
    * 4GB RAM or more
    PlayStation VR is required to play the game.
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