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We are here to announce the upcoming launch of the newest RPG from Mobius! After the successful launch of the fantasy action game fantasy EarthBound, creator Koji Kondo and publisher Square Enix has decided to bring the fantasy action RPG genre to a new world – the Lands Between. Gameplay of this new fantasy RPG will be supported by the growing world of Asura Online, featuring a completely original online service.

Over the past year, we have worked on creating a vast world with completely unique and exciting quests and a state-of-the-art online service. The game lets you experience the Lands Between in a completely new manner. You will be able to freely explore on land and at sea, gathering items, unlocking powerful characters, and fighting epic battles with your friends!

As we continue to create the game, we are providing important updates here. To take an even closer look, we have prepared a special page that you can visit to get a summary of all the latest news.

Fantasy Online RPG game [Simplified]

■ Fantasy Action RPG Gameplay

Players will make a new character and travel the Lands Between, an endless world in which fields, dungeons, and cities grow and shrink. Quests and monsters will appear at random, and every step will be filled with danger!

Complete quests in various ways to obtain titles, and explore dungeons filled with enemies.

Every single player and their party’s actions will contribute to the fate of the game world.

Get involved with other players via “the Asura Online Global Link”, and direct your actions via “online chat”.

The setting of the fantasy RPG game is an endless world in which fields, dungeons, and cities grow and shrink. You will be able to explore the world while making your own path and reacting to the various situations and quests. You will make your own party and explore the locations you like, and participate in the online service.

You will be able to freely roam the Lands Between and select the way you want to complete your quests. You can take on quests from towns, dungeons, and other players. In other words, you can choose your own quests.

Players can freely roam the endless world.

Players can freely roam the endless world, select the way they want to complete quests, and fight epic battles with their friends.

■ Visual Quality

We are refining the interface and graphics for all


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Elden Ring Online
    Start your character’s journey in the online world of Elden Ring with your friends.
  • Play Online
    You can play online, battle against the other players, and travel to the other worlds.
  • World Trigger
    You will trigger events in the Lands Between by choosing your battle style, such as summoning monsters or performing chain attacks.
  • Social Networking
    You can communicate with others using a graphical user interface to create an environment of friendship and cooperation.
  • Unity Engine
    The game engine used to develop Elden Ring Online is based on Unity, a powerful cross-platform engine. We have created a sophisticated game engine that enables us to easily maintain the online game world in the future.
  • Cesium Engine
    In order to provide high-quality graphics, we have integrated the both LGPL Open Source engine, the Cesium, a term broadly interpreted to refer to both graphics and physics engines.
  • Unity Friendly
    The Unity engine allows us to easily manage our project’s resources, so we have created a high-quality graphics engine that integrates the Unity engine.
  • Tue, 17 May 2019 00:00:00 +0000JSAWU016:001712 – New announcement for Elden Ring Online

    The launch date has been set.

    For our first new announcement, we are now pleased to announce that

    Elden Ring Online will launch on May 21, 2019.

    Elden Ring Online is an anime action role playing game in which combat actions are linked to world events called world triggers. This game world is compared to a series of separate independent playing environments, which is capable of giving you the feeling that the world goes around you without gaming experience. The game world includes several different maps and


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    – It’s great how the colors change when you get near a NPC, the design of the character models is really close to anime.

    – The Elden Ring is different from other games. The difficulties rise as you increase the power of your equipment and skills.

    – I’ve played the RPG genre before, but the story is different enough and the battles are challenging so I’ve been curious.

    – The party is going forward and the music is being played while you choose a strategy, and a very dramatic scene comes up. Even though the battle is fierce there are many enjoyable scenes.

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    You are a young man named Tarnished from the lands between. One day, the voice of Grace is ringing in your ears, urging you to abandon your warm bed and enter the land between. It’s said that the Elden Ring protected humans by banishing evil spirits, but humanity has lost its capacity for reasoning and it has become weak. That isn’t good for the Elden Ring, the one that you have revered since childhood.
    The enemies in the land between are evil spirits called Elden, as well as other beings. Many Elden have gathered to plot against the Elden Ring and causing havoc, so it is your job to restore peace to the land between.
    You will be acquainted with all kinds of people in the land between, and you will have a variety of different battles and exciting events along the way.
    • Characters
    Sara (voiced by Minami Takayama) is a young woman in her teens. She lives in a protected town called Otonashi. She is well-educated and is good at magic, and she does her best to protect everyone.
    Fiona (voiced by Akari Kaida) is a young woman in her teens. She has a large bust and is a strong adventurer who does her best to carry out her father’s wishes. She is a member of the “Blue Grass” clan.
    Gaius (voiced by Rikiya Koyama) is a middle-aged man in his 30s. He has the appearance of a German. He specializes in the arts and has made it his life’s work to


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    ■ An Epic of Epic Storyline
    You are a fighter belonging to one of the four noble families of the Elden Ring. A epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.
    ■ A Multicast Online Experience
    The game’s online mode is designed so that you can join others in action, such as being together in a dungeon, during group travel, or while traveling solo, and enjoy the world as one together.
    ■ Local and Real-Time Party Chatting
    The game’s online party chat system allows you to chat with others while leveling or performing actions, and select from a variety of emoticons to express yourself.
    ■ Passively Acquire Combat Skills
    While there is no particular difference between classes, combat is realized in a meaningful manner. The abundance of your acquired combat skills will allow you to fight as you want.
    ■ High-End Networking Performance
    To enhance the flexibility of the online mode, the development team has made every effort to ensure smooth online operations.
    ■ Satisfying Graphics and Variety of Field Designs
    The graphics have been exquisitely designed to create a unique atmosphere, with a combination of anime-like visuals and a traditional fantasy style. In addition, extensive use has been made of 3D mapping techniques to present the landscapes and environments in a unique manner.

    ■ ELDEN RING is a fantasy MMORPG that lets you freely swap between a 3D field and a 2D overhead map.

    ■ ELDEN RING is a fantasy MMORPG that lets you freely swap between a 3D field and a 2D overhead map. Gameplay Warring States of China (Mandarin) MMORPG:


    ■ Era of Epic Adventure
    Guided by the four great gods of the kingdom, you raise a powerful military force and rise to the heights of power.
    ■ Unique Online Play, Designed for Both Beginners and Raving Fans
    Explore the vast land freely with other players, or rely on your guide to enjoy a deep, three-dimensional adventure with those you know.
    ■ Original Local and Real-Time Online Party Chatting
    Chat with others while leveling up or while completing actions, and select from a variety of emoticons to express yourself.
    ■ High-End Networking Performance Designed for Real-Time Online Battles
    Ensure smooth


    What’s new:

    03 Dec 2016 13:01:41 +0000 Cygames of the RPG, Puzzle & Action Division announced the release of Lord of Caesar: Incredible Battle in Development in Go Live (Early Access). In addition to a series of regular battles, Lord of Caesar: Incredible Battle has an additional MULTIPLAYER WAR mode also in development.
    It is a fantasy RPG for iOS and Android Devices set in the Lands Between. The world has been saved from the grips of darkness by a group known as the Elden Ring, which has founded a peace by forging a new country, the Land of Young, and establishing the nation known as the Lands Between.
    Free from the shadows, they create a grand future for the nations, but the world is gradually becoming murky with sinister movements and unknown monsters appearing. Castaways from different countries, the elite of the Lands Between the Forces of Darkness gather together to wage war. To be one of the heroes in this struggle, you must firmly capture the series of battles in the world of the Elden Ring.
    The Story You’ll Experience
    Like a story created from fragments, Lord of Caesar: Incredible Battle is a multilayered story with unexpected developments. A BEGGAR, YOUNG, and GRACEful character named Ren, a Knight and a trickster, and his comrade, a little girl named Mirana, the Fighting Fighter, will one day unite under the Elden Ring banner. Together with a set of contracted high-schoolers and a bunch of mercenaries, you enter a world of the forces of darkness, in which a muti-layered story is revealed.
    The mysterious Ariure Inc., Sadel Inc., and the ominous Dark Sub-Lavatic Empire are watching all the goings-on in the Land of Young. As an official member of the Elden Ring Forces of Darkness, you must carefully detect the movements of the enemies and lead your allies to victory in battle!
    In Lord of Caesar: Incredible Battle, an MULTIPLAYER WAR mode has also been developed. In this mode, players can challenge opponents from other countries around the world. The players can fight together to see who is the stronger warrior, and duel solo to see who is stronger


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    1. Place the downloaded file to the directory or game directory you have the game already.

    2. Run the game and accept the license agreement

    3. Enjoy.

    Note: Before opening the game, it is recommended to have installed the optional installation to the folder, “drive_c\steamapps\common\Elden Ring”

    -You can change the game screen resolution

    Put a short description of the file is the table of contents.

    File Name: Media.txt


    I. Character Creation

    Where your character is created? Create your own character!

    The following are the game’s settings, including the appearance of the character.


    Your level will affect your fighting strength, your experience points and your accumulated skills. Your level will rise automatically as long as you do not die. You can also choose your level at the character creation screen.

    The following are the character creation settings.

    Character Name

    This is your character’s name in game.


    To learn skills, you must have experience points. In order to learn a skill, you must have the experience points to learn it, and you must also have a skill point to learn the skill.

    You can learn some skills at the start, before learning other skills.

    If you have already learned a skill, you will not be able to learn it again.

    Skill Point

    You can accumulate skill points.

    The higher your level is, the higher your skill points will be.

    Skill points can be accumulated even after death.


    Different races have different strength.

    You can choose which race will be your character’s race.

    Race Points

    Race points are used when you fight other characters.

    Races with a high race point can fight more difficult opponents more rapidly.


    You can be male or female, only that the character will use what skills are corresponding to the character’s gender.




    If you have the character’s gender wrong, the character will not be able to use some skills or items.


    Classes are a classification that determines the role, such as melee or magic, of the character.






    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Install the game
    • First, install the game
    • Click on the INSTALL button on the main screen. Note: You will be on the Eclipse installation screen.
    • Seemlessly install all of the content before launching the game, because of the installation license.
    • To start, click on the PATCH button on the main screen
    • Then, briefly launch Eclipse.
    • Finally, press the return key on the keyboard.
    • The game will start after the patch is complete.

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