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Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

As an Elden Lord, you will become a hero in the epic drama of The Tarnished Prince. The game is being developed by Cygames Co., Ltd. (dubbed “cygames”) and will be distributed by NIS America Inc., under the title Elden Ring.

NIS America Inc. is a subsidiary of Nippon Ichi Software Inc., and it will be publishing the game in North America for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, PS Vita, and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) on February 26, 2018. For more information about Elden Ring, visit

© 2017 NIS America Inc.

Nintendo and the Nintendo logo are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc.

Elden Ring is not affiliated with this official announcement or Cygames Co., Ltd.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Character creation
  • Dynamic battles, with a wide variety of attacks
  • Search for new weapons and equipment, and combine them to create your own unusual battle style
  • Destruction of monsters and foes with a huge cast of creatures and countless combinations to make.
  • 19 two-dimensional graphics (graphics); 16 three-dimensional graphics (sound)
  • Implemented cooperative play support for downloading online*
  • Various other settings; […]
  • Elden Lord’s Name:

    Elden Lord can be called

    • Trandimael
    • Revael
    • Reigald
    • Verek
    • Voris
    • Ralmin

    For World of Allcraft:

    • This game will take you to a world of fantasy where you can experience the charm of Allcraft.

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    • Allcraft-2:
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      ◇ Reviewed by John Smith
      ◇ Released on December 19th, 2019
      ◇ Index:

      ◇ Download Link:
      ◇ Reviewed on: iOS 13

      “One of the best RPGs of the year”
      “GAME OF THE YEAR 2019”
      The epic fantasy RPG, “Elden Ring”, is featured in a monthly publication as Game of the Year 2019, and has been recognized as one of the best RPGs of the year.
      “Elden Ring” is a game where you travel to the Lands Between to solve the mysteries surrounding the existence of your homeland and the origin of the Elden Ring, and in the process, you get to create a memorable story.
      ● Introduction
      The complete world of “Elden Ring”
      As the protagonist, you will experience “The Lands Between”, where your hometown is located and the legendary Elden Ring exists. The lands encompass various situations, which is in contrast to conventional fantasy.
      The story combines the mythic tone of the world of “Elden Ring” with a sense of fun and cleverness.
      ● Adventure and problem solving
      In “Elden Ring”, you will meet characters that have distinct personalities, each of whom has specific challenges.
      You will make choices that determine the character, including their development path, and the difficulties and quests that you will have to overcome as you explore the unknown world of “Elden Ring”.
      By making choices that are not in accordance with the actions of your character, you will end up taking actions that differ from what you intended.


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  • Thalia's French fries =/=

    “I have the intention of someday being a character in an LoL game who can achieve the intangible ‘Thalia’s French fries=”.]

    Everyone try to make it.
    I have the intention of someday being a character in an LoL game who can achieve the intangible “Thalia’s French fries=” =/ which were researched and approved by one of the hardest working women in eSports history, Thalia herself.
    But I’m not there yet.
    Anyone else have the same “vision”?
    Is there anything you can do to help us achieve the goal?

    There is a real chance that I will be making a decision within the next 4/5 months, if I don’t make it by November, I’ll probably be joining a mobile team. I have the honors, but the lack of core knowledge is my biggest worry.
    The 36-hole model is a great idea, but I don’t think it would suit our current (4th) team.
    It should be working around a team’s strengths, stats in a non-linear way.
    This is based on gameplay experience though, and if anyone would like to correct me or provide some feedback, that would be really helpful. I’ll fix up the math if someone send me a youtube vid :p

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