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■ Publisher
The Elden Ring Game Company

■ Developer

Daitoon was founded in 2009 and is based in Osaka, Japan. Currently, it is developing the Elden Ring game franchise, and its previous works include the mobile game Gokujō SHAFT, and the farming management game WHIME.

■ Theme and Characters
Ancient Myth
The world between the living world and the after-life.
Land of the Elden, the blood of the Elden flows.
the son of the sky and earth, and the father of the Elden.
Eridu, the sacred planet of the Elden.
the guardian god of the ancient system, and the first ancestor of the Elden.
Anu, the mountain god.
the god of food, and the god of devouring.
the god of the limits of the king’s power.
the lord of the land of E-gida.
the god of the gates.
the god of the city.
the land of the dead, and the base of the Gods.
■ Mechanics and Features
■ Battle Mechanics
Engage in six-member PVP duels in a single real-time battle!
There are items, weapons, and magic that were preset based on each character’s stats.
Each combination that is prepared for your character will serve as an important asset when you engage in battle.
■ Character Customization
The equipment and weapons of each character will transform with each battle.
Your appearance will be shaped on your battlefield.
■ Character Growth
The growth of your character will be determined by the enemy and the actions you took in battle.
Your skills will earn points as you use them.
The skills will increase in level, and the use of them will be more effective.
■ Meditations
Through meditations, you can evolve your character’s attributes.
You can increase one of the three attributes to unlock stronger equipment


Features Key:

  • Embedded fantasy atmosphere

    The essence of grandiose fantasy unleashed in a beautiful, charming world with a perfect combination of 3-D graphics and 2-D presentation.

  • Multiple Modes of Play

    Always stay active with game play that keeps you interested by offering various modes of play. Dungeons, raids, and mmorpgs that have a great gaming atmosphere, a variety of fascinating adventures, and equipment that you can develop into your very own.

  • Object-Oriented Attack and Defense

    An enjoyable turn-based battle system with dynamic elements where you can freely develop your character according to the equipment you have equipped and your own play style.

  • Multiplayer System

    In addition to the two-player party system, the online mode allows you to form a party with up to 4 players and join in the action to generate tremendous excitement.

  • Unparalleled Fun in Equipment

    Equip your character with items of great power and enjoy the exhilarating feelings of wielding a powerful weapon and using it to fulfill your desires.

  • Bring Home the People of the Lands Between in Raids

    In a rich dungeon, you can overcome fearsome enemies and earn numerous goodies along the way.
    You can trade in the spoils of your defeats, which will improve your character.

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    Elden Ring

    ◆Elden Ring is a Fantasy Action RPG in the Lands Between Set in the World of Elden, a world Where Science and Magic Come Together
    The new fantasy action RPG, “The Legend of Elden Ring” Rise, Tarnished is here!
    Introducing the Saga of the Lands Between:
    The Lands Between is the World Where the Lands of the 4 Elements, the World of Beast, the World of People, the World of Elementals and the World of Spirits are connected by the Symbol of Fate. It is a world where Science and Magic have come together.
    It is also a world Where Myth and Reality are intertwined and part of a different reality exist alongside it, called the World of Elves.
    In order to create a world which is beautiful and entertaining, the creators of the game have carried out much research into the history and myths of the Lands Between.
    The development team is led by JUNG Entertainment, who have worked on major franchises such as “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” “The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords” and “The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds”.
    The fantasy action RPG, “The Legend of Elden Ring” Rise, Tarnished game launch was announced on April 7.
    Further information on the game will be available from the official website at

    1. Rise, Tarnished is an Action RPG Developed by JUNG Entertainment, Led by the Global Franchise Development Department of “THE LEGEND OF ZELDA” series.
    2. Elden Ring is a Fantasy Action RPG Set in the Lands Between
    3. Introduce You to the Lands Between: A World with a New Myth
    The Lands Between is a world where Science and Magic come together. It is a world where Myth and Reality are intertwined and part of a different reality exist alongside it.
    4. Create a Character You Love
    It’s up to you to make your own character. Through the customization system, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip.
    5. Combat is Supported with an Over 700KB OST
    The accompanying soundtrack, that accompanies the story being played out in game, is rated amongst the best ever made by the Japanese music agency.
    6. Prove Your Worth: Battles require Strategy and Stamina
    The game supports battles with other players, who will


    Elden Ring Incl Product Key Free Download [Mac/Win]

    ●Fighting System
    The game features traditional button control, as well as a unique keyboard-and-mouse mode that allows you to enjoy the game in a different manner.
    ●Combining Battles
    Enemies will link together and form groups of up to eight, and the combat system will link between groups as you progress. In addition, by entering and exiting the battle screen, you can change your active weapon and gain access to more powerful weapons that you can only access by equipping certain items.
    ●Asynchronous Online Mode
    In addition to the main game, you can play with players around the world in asynchronous online gameplay. Multiplayer matches are also conducted via this mode. When you create your own character during character creation, you will be able to build your own story in the online game alongside other players.
    In addition to playing online, you can also enjoy the game with a first-person perspective by switching to the battle scene, switching to the character screen, and going back to the battle screen.
    You can customize your character’s status and success rate with charms. You can equip more than 10 charms that have various effects, such as boosting your attack power and defense power, reducing enemy damage received, increasing your speed and skill rate, and increasing your healing rate.
    ●Customize Your World
    You can fully customize your character’s appearance using your favorite items and charms. You can also freely create your own world and customize your own pace of action and speed with the world limit you can set.
    ●The Art of Fantasy
    The graphic design of the game will also leave you with a sense of fantasy as you explore the vast world.
    ■ Travel with Friends in the “Lands Between”

    Lands Between
    • Craft a Brand-new World
    The process of creating a world in which the characters can advance to an even higher place is known as “cyber creation.” In this sense, the Lands Between is a new world that has been created from scratch in an entirely different method. It is not a world of the past or a world of the future, but a world of the future of the Lands Between, a place that is simultaneously ancient and modern. Players will challenge the three elements of fire, water, and earth to expand the fabric of a new world.
    • Battles and Bosses to Help You Escape the Vortex
    In order to escape the endless vortex into the Lands Between, you will encounter battles, monsters, and bosses


    What’s new in Elden Ring:



    When you start the game, the first time you run, you may possibly hear the opening theme music of “Sword Art Online” while confirming the audio settings of your device.


    From time to time, we will be notifying players of Knights of the Blood, through the online community. Your responses will help us develop better Knights of the Blood for the future.

    We are building a fine game, and we know some of you are still having trouble in the online game.

    Therefore, when you see content appearing that is causing you trouble, please inform us of it by writing to

    Thank you for understanding and sticking with Knights of the Blood,

    We, the Belle Co. Development Team, reserve the right to modify the contents of this notice at any time.

    ©2017 KIWI Co.,  LTD.

    Sun, 17 Feb 2020 15:59:16 +0000Quicksilva.gamesgamer42019061154964:59001RE: 

    複製設定データを/social/ img/images/img09.jpg – ‘Ezaka Reppu Kodomate Nei’ –
    Japanese – Knights of the Blood – Max:  1 Empty Space

    日本語版 4,720,787 ページ


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    What is ELDEN RING?????

    Elden Ring is a new fantasy action RPG. It is a game where you play as a young man who, while trying to break out from the curse of the dark world, is stranded on the Lands Between, a strange land full of mysteries and atmosphere. As you rise in the world of Elden Ring, facing the many challenges that await you, the world will change, changing you along with it, as you come to grips with your power and learn the meaning of freedom.Elden Ring is designed to forge its own path, one that’s as unique and entertaining as the players who play it. Many elements of this game have been designed with the sole purpose of conveying the flavor and atmosphere of the FFXIV fantasy setting. In order to fully express the experience of living in the Lands Between, features like mounts that run on water, and the ability to send out summons to complete quests together with friends or enemies (who turn out to be friends) have been implemented. ELDEN RING also has a large amount of events and quests. Each will have events that will change the overall flow of the game, and new story fragments and dungeons that you can explore in addition to areas that you’ve already been in. Not only that, ELDEN RING also includes a wide variety of skills, each of which has its own unique properties, which can be fully customized in an area-specific skill customization menu. A multitude of equipment have also been included that gives you many different ways to customize your character.After you have finished clearing the story and starting over, you will be prompted to choose which characters you will use in the next game. Along with a group of new people, who you can create a squad with, you will decide which characters you will use to explore the many dungeons and areas of the Lands Between. This game also allows


    How To Crack:

  • Offline
  • Online
  • Offline Installation (Recommended)

    Download Elden Ring free of charge from a reliable site, and unzip the supplied file to the folder where you usually save games.

    Launch the game by typing “dantewell.exe”, and you should be able to play immediately.

    Before the game starts, you will see the following text screen. Wait for a while until all the dialogues appear.

    If the instruction to activate the game does not appear, try as follows.

    1. Activate the game by double-clicking “Landa.exe” or “rasofu_elf.exe”. If this is difficult to do, look for those files on the start menu or in the My Computer folder. Click on these files to activate your game.

    Online Installation (Optional)

    You can play the game as is or by downloading from a reliable site. In a similar fashion to Offline Installation, launch the game by typing “dantewell.exe”.

    Before the game starts, you will see the following text screen. Wait for a while until all the dialogues appear.

    If the instruction to activate the game does not appear, try as follows.

    3. After launching the game, click on “Key” from the main menu.

    4. Click on “Online Activation”.

    5. Type the “Server Name”, “Server Password” and the “Server IP Address” which are displayed in the message window. You will need these values later.

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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1
    Processor: Intel® Core i3, i5, i7
    Memory: 4GB
    1GB DirectX® 11 compatible video card
    1GB of Video RAM
    DirectX® graphics chip of 2.0 or higher
    DirectX® display adapter of 7.0 or higher
    Hard disk space: 50 MB
    Standard speakers (headphones/earbuds not included)
    Input devices: game


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