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In TERA Online, you will be called upon to take the role of a Tarnished, a mortal in the lands between, who manages to arrive at the side of the God (Balthazar) to take up the role of the next Elden Lord, only to find that the hand of fate has begun to turn against you.

To do so, you will not only need to master the skills of the land between and master the destiny that awaits you, but you will also need to find the God’s lost jewel, the Elden Ring, in order to restore the lands to their true form.

Become an Elden Lord, take up a sword and defend the lands, an epic action RPG for PC!

Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG developed by Bluehole Studio. It is published by Bluehole Studio and is available worldwide. You can find more information at: and connect with Bluehole on Facebook at

TERA ONLINE is a fantasy MMORPG set in a dynamic and immersive world where you can engage with friends and enemies in solo, small, and large group battles. TERA ONLINE is free-to-play and available worldwide in English. You can download the game from the official TERA Online website:

Visit the TERA ONLINE Facebook page at


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Hello, and welcome to the February 27th, 2017 development blog for TERA Online. In this blog we will talk about the update we are going to release this

Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A 4-Player Co-op Versus Local Play with Up to 6 Players via Local Network
  • The Story of the Lands Between Unfolds as You Play the Game
  • A Database-Driven World Rich with Data Collected by Development
  • Supporting Character Customization via Items

Card sorting game features:

  • Fun, one-on-one competitive battle that includes cooperative combat in multiplayer
  • Run from the walls, save the princess, beat the demon generals and the King Voldemort — an all-boy’s adventure
  • For beginners, the tutorial option that lets you quickly adjust the controls
  • Convenient guide for new users of the card game

Preorder of the game:

  • Honorary honorary credits for preordering
  • In-game card curtain and cards
  • Character Name Tag, 30 Days of Premium, and “Great Bear”* health increase bonus

*The “Great Bear” is a new Pet for the character “Valwyn” in the Lands Between. 30 days of Premium is owned by the user and can be enjoyed during the time the user is the active player.

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