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Harmony has been invaded. In the Lands Between, danger lurks around every corner. Join players from all over the world, and meet them in battle!

– Experience a Multilayered Story with Various Characteristics
With elaborate and vast environmental elements, an amazing storyline unfolds for you. Facing a variety of enemies, you’ll also have your hands full with a rich, constantly changing setting.

• Battle various Monsters
In this vast world, thousands of varied monsters are waiting to invade your world. You can take part in the battles with a variety of monsters, and you can choose your own route in battle, challenging unique bosses and other enemies.

• An Epic, Mythical Setting That Grows with You
Designed so that you can experience a great story, and a world that becomes more fantastic and profound as you explore.

You and your guild travel to the land of the Brave Kings. Your character goes on quests, fights monsters, and interacts with the environments. As you complete new quests, you’ll get to know the story of the World Between.

You can freely move around the World Between, and find a variety of houses to stay in. Make your new home a symbol of your will to live in the world.

In a realm with an endless sky, you will see a land that is still not fully explored.

The highly anticipated game is now available for the Xbox One Family of Devices.

• Regular Sale of Every Five Days
Every five days, the main feature of the game, the global online rankings, will be updated.

■ About The Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version
The Elden Ring Game is an online fantasy action RPG that is being developed by KOSP Co., Ltd.

Based on the concept of the “11 Cardinal Elements,” “Elden” is a symbol of the game’s highly sophisticated action simulation. The “Elden Ring” is a guild consisting of players who have mastered the skills, methods, and use of the Elden elements and recognize the importance of working together in the fighting of the invasion of the World Between.

■ Game Contents
The “Sneak” menu button in the upper left can be used to fast


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Personal Stories and Persistent Worlds
    Share your adventures with others in an asynchronous online, entertaining experience.
    * Battle and plunder with epic battles against powerful bosses. * Destroy and reconstruct the environments of the Land Between as you save previous stories and progress the game.
  • Rich Character Customization
    Create a beautiful character by combining weapons, armor, and magic.

  • Battle and Raid Actions
    Defeat enemies with the new Take It Here and Equip On Battle actions to strengthen your character and use items. Or, use them to fight epic battles and fight off fatal attacks!
  • Endless Environments
    Escape from the gloomy labyrinth of the Senan of Malcad-Quarir to the vast, natural land surrounding the Temple of Ra. Explore and fight!
  • Expansive Worlds
    Loss of life has caused the Lands Between to become rocky ruins, leaving only rotting, fallen pillars and the corners of old cracks scattered. Investigation of this darkness leads to expansive and lively worlds.
  • Brave Adventurers
    You are one of the brave adventurers who aspired to be a hero, relying on no one. Now, an antagonism beyond your judgment has begun. What awaits you? What will you do? Will you be strong enough to withstand the uncertainties of the unknown future…?
  • Deleted Scenes of the Prologue Episode, Special Features, and Transcended Realms
  • An Endorchestra of Composers

    CmdrT (Lead Composer) 12: Monster Decomposer
    Masayuki Itsumura (Program Director) 9: Plot Protector
    Takezou Funagashi (Art Director) 8: The Third Layers
    Kusata Mizunoya (Art Director) 7: Igihela (Boss) 6: Fragment Key
    Kazuhiko Shimoyama (Musical Advisor) 5: Sound Director (Sound
    Capcom Arcade Collection)
    Yusuke Hashimoto (Composer) 4: Script and Story
    Naoki Kodama (Sound Director) 3: Publicity and Promotion


    Eel Game Studios


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    Elden Ring Crack Free Download PC/Windows 2022

    1. Tarnished game (story game)
    2. Name selection
    3. Create Character
    4. Begin the main game
    5. Beginning (preview)
    6. Continues (preview)
    7. Level up
    8. Mission display
    9. Multiplayer (free)
    10. Multiplayer (selectable)
    11. Your Profile (selectable)
    12. Map display
    13. Multiplayer View
    14. Profile display
    15. Map display
    16. Profile display

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    Gameplay ELDEN RING game:
    1. Tarnished game (story game)
    2. Name selection
    3. Create Character
    4. Begin the main game
    5. Beginning (preview)
    6. Continues (preview)
    7. Level up
    8. Mission display
    9. Multiplayer (free)
    10. Multiplayer (selectable)
    11. Your Profile (selectable)
    12. Map display
    13. Multiplayer View
    14. Profile display
    15. Map display
    16. Profile display

    ※ Your Tarnished data including your warlock can be deleted and are non-transferable. Once your Tarnished data is deleted or becomes an Elden Lord, you can not be exchanged for cash.
    1. Three day truce during the event will be added from 13:00 (PST) on May 22nd to July 11th.
    2. The chance of receiving a Tarnished will be reduced by half during the event period.
    3. Update 3.4.1 will be released on May 29th and provide a vast variety of game content.
    ※ The game data including the items you have purchased can be deleted through the website. However, the sale data including the medals you have earned will not be deleted, and you will be able to recover your items even after selling.
    ※ Please note that if your game data is deleted on the site, you will not be able to recover your items.


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    About this game:

    The game offers the most complete fantasy setting ever put together in a single RPG. In addition to the unique graphics, amazing characters and scenarios, the game also has stunning musical accompaniment and great multiplayer features that make it the perfect RPG for fans of the genre.


    Windows XP, Vista, Win7 or later.

    Operating System:
    Windows XP, Vista, Win7 or later.

    Memory: 1 GB RAM

    Hard Disk Space: 32 MB

    DirectX: Version 9.0

    How to Install ELDEN RING Game

    1- Download & Install the Game.
    2- After installation, Run the game.
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    User Friendly Game:

    1. GAME KEY & DLC’s:

    2. ELDEN RING.
    3. UNO.
    8. DOWNLOAD PLAYER (With One-Click Installer).
    9. LAN PLAYER.

    Ways to Play:

    1- Steam.
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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Copy all the files that are located in the “DOTET” folder, then paste them in the directory where the original game is installed.
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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    -Windows 7/8/8.1/10 32-bit/64-bit.
    -Intel Pentium III 1.2 GHz or higher
    -512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
    -2GB hard disk space.
    -DirectX 9.0c or higher.
    -Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 or later
    -Broker Fix 3.0
    -Madness 2.0
    -Broker Fix 1.0
    -Broker Fix 2.0


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