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Skelton Green railway station was a railway station in Skelton, North Yorkshire, England. It was an intermediate station on the Hull and Holderness Railway which at its own peak was the busiest section of North Eastern Railway’s network.


First station

After the passing of the Railway Act in 1844, the first line to be built was the Eastern & North Eastern Railway (1850) that connected the East Coast to the West Coast, opening up a railway network running all the way to London. It was built to the line of the Yorkshire & North Midland Railway (1848), and was designed by Alfred Muntz, architect to the North Eastern Railway. The station opened for traffic on the two railway companies together on 15 August 1850.

The station was located east of York and west of Foulby. York was an important early station with the line running roughly parallel to the course of the River Ouse which runs through the area. Although Barmby Moor was a more important railway town, the popularity of York resulted in the original station being the largest in the East Riding, and handling the most passengers in terms of numbers.

The station was designed in the same style of the H&HR company station at Beverley, in a simple ‘fish-bellied’ type, with a red brick with sandstone dressing, and stone sills and string courses. A small corrugated iron shelter and canopy was provided, with houses on the platform. A 2′ × 7′ leadlight window lit up when the station was working. The station comprised three platforms, and had a total of 24 rooms, 11 of which were for the refreshment rooms, one for parcels and one for booking office and waiting rooms. There was also a horse-trough, lock-up and stables. A glass-roofed shelter was located on the down platform, and in 1874 it was replaced with a wooden shelter. A stone-built waiting room and booking office were located at street level,


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Reading different files with pandas read_excel into a single DataFrame

I have a file with many excel files, and need to read all of them into a single dataframe and remove the excel from the filename.
I am using read_excel, but have found the row_positions are not consistent between excel files so I can’t compare them:
df = pd.read_excel(‘C:\xlsx\file_a.xlsx’, dtype={‘Long’: int})
df = pd.read_excel(‘C:\xlsx\file_b.xlsx’, dtype={‘Long’: int})
df = pd.read_excel(‘C:\xlsx\file_c.xlsx’, dtype={‘Long’: int})


Based on @Fionn’s comment, you can do:
import os

excel_files = [os.path.join(dir_path, filename)
for dir_path, dirnames, filenames in os.walk(dir_path)
for filename in filenames]

df = pd.concat(excel_files, ignore_index=True)

Note that you can also extract the file directory, and keep only the files that end with xlsx, for example:
excel_files = [os.path.join(dir_path, filename) for dir_path, dirnames, filenames in os.walk(dir_path)
for filename in [‘*.xlsx’, ‘*.xls’] + filen

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