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Run the python script with the command python A new folder with the name Filename will be created. You can then open the folder and look for the debug.log file there.
In debug.log file there will be a line ‘Failed to load’.
Search for ‘Failed to load’ in debug.log file and you can see the error.
In you case it could be is the log file is
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and when it doesn’t work try to change the path to the log file
os.chdir(“E:\\Programme\\New Copy”)

Abortion providers, like, Iowa?

The attorney for the Planned Parenthood Southeast Center in Louisville on Friday asked the state Department of Health to halt an investigation that accuses the organization of breaking the law by billing the state Medicaid fund for abortions.

An investigation by the state Medicaid inspector general was spurred by a grand jury indictment of Planned Parenthood for “the unlawful sale of human organs.”

Sending the request for an injunction to halt the investigation would have a chilling effect on abortion providers and their lawyers, said Tom Hogue, executive director of the Thomas More Society, which has filed a federal lawsuit to stop the state investigation.

Without the investigation, “there’s nothing to charge Planned Parenthood with or investigate Planned Parenthood with,” said Hogue, who is representing a defendant in the federal suit.

“It only takes one. With an investigation, the one bad actor will do the investigation and would be held responsible,” Hogue said.

The abortion rights group said it’s willing to be investigated by the Medicaid inspector general, but not by the Department of Health.

“They want to retaliate,” said Jeanne LoCicero, executive director of Planned Parenthood Southeast Center. “They’ve done that before. I don’t think they want to be held accountable.”

House Republicans have been trying to defund Planned Parenthood and have sought investigations of the group for years.

Senate File 578, the Republicans’ latest attempt to eliminate Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood, was defeated this year, but House

The only thing I can think of that can possibly be doing this is a virus, but that is not what I am seeing.


From the above article the above code was actually ok and the problem was with the site. In the 2nd blog post



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Game Zone is looking to win part of the mainstream entertainment scene with the launch of a new free-to-play online multiplayer battle game called Invasion. This is the first of the five games that are now being developed by the German mobile gaming company in a collaboration with one of Iran’s leading mobile app developers, Sitara Games. The other four games are called Hades, The Tiger’s Leap, The Lost Soul and The King of the Monsters.
The aim of the development team at Game Zone is to come up with games that are superior in quality to the international market standards of the company. They also want to set their own niche in the Iranian market, thanks to a high level of cultural education among the Iranian society. Game Zone’s head of foreign operations and the managing partner of the joint venture, Mehdi Alipour says: “We are proud of being able to launch such an established game and have launched it for free. This is the start of a new era of cooperation, as we move our games into the global market.”
In the game, players can control a mercenary plane and take part in multiplayer games on the various platforms. This online game also has many achievements, which players can earn by collecting bonuses in the game. This online game is still in development and its designers are considering the possibility of making the game available in regions such as Africa and Asia.
The Invasion game may be liked by Iran’s visitors, as it is based on Iranian culture and civilization, which are among the richest in the world.
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