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A Pyramid of Nightmares 2
A Labyrinth of Nightmares is a retro-styled, horror-themed roguelike game that aims to deliver a life-like feel of being a peaceful caretaker, until you’re forced to kill your caretakers. Using the fear they instilled in you, you travel to the Pyramid of Nightmares to get rid of that fear.
Challenge a monster’s fear into submission.
Going back to the previous point: the only way to get rid of those horrific nightmares is to overcome them.
Fear-mongering caretakers and monsters are randomly generated with every run, but you’ll notice some patterns and subtle details in their design that’ll help you traverse the Labyrinth quicker.
You can find a multitude of equipment/gear that’ll improve the players stats, grant them new abilities, or even make it easier to accomplish feats like reaching the end of the Labyrinth quicker.
Intense combat that requires practice to not get overwhelmed.
Gearing up to murder caretakers.
Let’s get to the game-play.
Master Key: Find this at the beginning of your journey. It’ll unlock rooms you can use as your temporary home until you find a new caretaker; these rooms will be the only safe space you have during your journey.
Guard Room: This room will give you two items: a Caretaker Keys, and a room key. Use these to enter rooms during your journey.
Caretaker Keys: You’re given these at the beginning of your journey, and will be used to enter the Caretakers’ rooms.
Room Keys: You’ll find these in the Caretakers’ rooms. These are used to enter rooms you’ve been lucky enough to discover while exploring.
Your weaponry and equipment can be found in your Master Key.
Your inventory, along with your health, can be found in your Guard Room.
The Labyrinth-
The Labyrinth is the place where every nightmare you’ve ever had or will ever have comes to life. With a myriad of ghouls, monsters, and traps, it’s a place to encounter all of your fears if you’re not careful.
The main loop is to explore the random rooms you’ve found, and gain experience/money to grow stronger.
Doing so will raise your Wits level, and after you’ve passed the early enemies; your Wit level will improve exponentially.
Once you’re strong enough, you can clear the rooms and move onto the


Features Key:

  • Level 48-bit High Quality Games
  • Each Platformer Tiled Map is Pull-Back Future World Map
  • Up to 24 players fighting each other simultaneously on land, air and in space.
  • Play the quiet before the Storm – cooperative and/or competitive online world
  • Easy League ranking and custom ranking system
  • iOS version is synchronized with Android version(backward compatibility)
  • Hide offline records
  • Delete opponent’s local all record
  • Revert if serious connection issues occur
  • Progressive difficulty based world map
  • Map Editor that helps you make your own levels
  • Map Editor is made of easy to use tools
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    Bunny Hop League is a unique arcade game. Designed for fast-paced twitch gameplay, it’s got a solid retro vibe and looks sharp, even on mobile devices. But don’t let that deceive you, it’s all about real action and precision gameplay with no gimmicks or unfair rewards.
    In Bunny Hop League, you have to hop as fast as you can across a large number of rooms, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins along the way. The faster you can reach the end, the more points you receive. The more points you receive, the higher your ranking will be and you’ll unlock new maps and game-modes along the way!
    You can challenge your friends for high scores in the online mode and prove to the world that you’re an unstoppable bunny!
    In single mode, you’re going for the gold medal!
    Key Features:
    ● Original retro feel and attention to detail that looks and plays like a classic, but with fresh game mechanics and top-quality graphics
    ● 3 game modes: Arcade, Story and Challenges
    ● Game Modes:
    Story: travel through several levels, jumping and sliding through all of the obstacles to reach the golden goal
    Arcade: Race to the finish line as fast as you can to win the most coins
    Challenges: jump through various flying, sliding and hopping obstacles to collect and combine the coins
    ● Online Leaderboards and Trophies
    ● Multiple game modes
    ● Compete with your friends in Online Leaderboards
    ● Replay system, share your best run and use it as a starting point for new games
    ● Replay saving
    ● Challenging gameplay
    ● Smooth game mechanics
    ● Simple and intuitive controls
    ● High and low score challenges
    ● Lots of achievements to unlock
    ● 14 maps with different themes and settings
    ● Personalized scoreboard
    ● Stunning sound, original soundtrack
    ● Haptic feedback
    ● Perfect for background play on mobile
    About Me!
    Hi, this is Pawel Sadowski from Poland.
    I am a huge fan of retro gaming, especially old-school shooters and I’m a big fan of retro gaming and old-school shooters, so I’ve decided to make this game. I hope you will enjoy it!

    Use your charm to defeat a rabid dungeon beast and win the right to serve as Sheriff.
    Baby Blob is ready to battle against the forces of evil.
    All the Blob wants to do is be left alone to live peacefully as a blob. Unfortunately, there’s a crazy bunch



    Trine 2 (Game / Exile / Edena)
    Trine 3 (Game / Exile / Edena)
    Trine: Director’s Cut (Game / Exile / Edena)
    Trine 2 – Director’s Cut (Game / Exile / Edena)
    Trine 3 – Director’s Cut (Game / Exile / Edena)
    Trine: The Art of Puzzles (Game)
    Trine: Game Play Trailer
    Trine: Game Screen Shots
    Trine 2: Game Screen Shots (Banner / Box Art)
    Trine 2: Game Screen Shots (Trailers)
    Trine 3: Game Screen Shots (Trailer)
    Trine: The Art of Puzzles: Game Screen Shots (Trailer)
    Trine: The Art of Puzzles: Game Screen Shots (Banner / Box Art)
    Trine: The Art of Puzzles: Game Screen Shots (Trailers)
    Tune in to hear powerful cards on the Legendary Orchestra, voiced by both Luke and Janne. And with their assistance, it’s quite easy to interpret what the spirits are trying to tell you in the game. Some of the tracks are still in development, so be prepared for some rough edges. You can check out a full list of track number and type at
    Tune into for a full list of tracks. Do you have a suggestion on an artist or composer to create a new track? Email [email protected] for ideas!
    Trine is a trademark of Frozenbyte Oy. Trine: The Art of Puzzles is a copyright of Frozenbyte Oy.

    Trine 3 was released in 2013.

    You are Trine, set on a search for your friend; a girl who has been captured by dark spirits. By the will of the gods, the time has come to free her once and for all. But a new threat has emerged, and it’s set its sights on you.

    Welcome to Trine 3: The Art of Puzzles, the first expansion campaign for Trine!

    In Trine 3: The Art of Puzzles, you will be able to embark on new adventures and unravel a tale full of secrets and answers to questions that have been puzzling you throughout Trine! Experience puzzling in a new dimension: puzzle rooms that can be entered only via concealed portals.


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