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Experience the ultimate classic themed RTS in Tiger Fighter 1931 Tora!Tora!Tora! Blitzkrieg verging on WTF? Dawn of a new era for U.S. real time strategy The U.S. real time strategy game market will be shaken from its foundations. As of now, the only total domination being played out on the American soil is by Blizzard. On the EU/South-East Asian market, the French Paradox is crushing the market. And for the first time in history, a real time strategy game is being developed in Japan, aiming to crush the market on the North American gaming platforms as well. We are talking about “Tiger Fighter 1931 Tora!Tora!Tora!” (Tiger Fighter 1931 Tora!Tora!Tora!). In a nutshell, this game is like World War II, where two opposing sides shall clash and fight to the complete annihilation of the other side. The Tiger Fighter is a new type of tank. It is a huge machine, yet it can be controlled by a limited number of players. Indeed, the player who controls the machine will be the single eye of the Tiger Fighter, acting as pilot, a commander, and a key figure in the fight. The fact that the Tiger Fighter is controlled by a limited number of players shall explain the formula of the gameplay. The Tiger Fighter and the opponent tanks will be divided into squads, each player will control his own squad. On top of that, the players are divided into two teams, and each side will pick one of the two Tiger Fighters to participate in the fight. In the other hand, during the game there will be human-controlled units, called Tigers. Each squad will have one of the two Tigers as a point of reference, and it is these Tigers who will be controlled by the AI. In short, the game play will be based on a winner takes all concept, with a total elimina-tion of the other players. There will be four different modes of gameplay, including the Campaign mode, the Multiplayer mode, the Battle mode, and the Free Play mode. (See the Tiger Fighter game mode for more info) The campaign mode will cover over 70 missions, where the player must destroy the enemy’s bases in order to win the game, and advance on to the next base. The battles themselves will be played out over three scenarios, each with a new map,


Features Key:

  • Escape to a huge VR world full of monsters and absurd adventures
  • From the group of strong monsters, find your way as far as you can
  • Mix things up and play with ideas of a modern game like Fruit Ninja or PUBG (lots of guns!),
  • Turn immersive VR experiences into pure entertainment – it’s all in the game.
  • Note: mobile VR headset is required to play this game


    About the Game

    Surgera is a two-day VR compilation, packed with an imaginary and logical mix of characteristics of games like PUBG (lots of guns!), Fruit Ninja, William Castle’s movies, grassy, water-rich environments, text and sound logs that can remind you of Ghostbusters 2 or Ghostbusters 2 again (that text feels really important). It also contains aspects of a thrilling and creepy environment, VR and, finally, video. This should last for many hundreds of hours of fun.

    The game’s biggest challenge is the possibility to choose the best way to navigate the territory and track the enemy closest to you.

    It is essential to choose the terrain and not be afraid to fall. Giving up on your pursuer and choosing a false path will lead to failure. It can only be absolutely lucky to reach the exit.


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    Fish Story is a game about easy-to-play, hard-to-master music which unfolds in a captivating, award-winning journey, where every new track feels like a journey of discovery. The main character, Hallucinations, is a fish who has to open his eyes and understand the many aspects of his life and his world. This is the Synthwave soundtrack that helped me to create the beautiful soundtrack for Fish Story. Enjoy it outside of the game. Key Features: – 24 synthwave tracks based on emotional expressions from the soundtrack – Original 24-bit 44.1 kHz WAV files – Linear and interactive interface to easily experience the emotional journey of the music – Customize colors, noise and the intensity of the effect by means of sliders – All tracks are designed to be played as arranged in Fish Story – Read the original Fish Story Soundtrack to learn more about the game and the development process. – Perfect for experienced Fish Story players and gamers who are curious about game development. I’m a big fan of its meandering style, and I’m very happy to see that the soundtrack represents it well. I think the demo version of the game is fantastic, the fish stares off into space and the music is minimal but nice. I would love a full-fledged release. This is a fantastic soundtrack. Hope to see more from you in the future, Alex. ? I can tell the demo version of this soundtrack is composed by me. That’s pretty awesome. I hope I’m not sounding cocky, but I really love Fish Story and the music is a big part of that. I have a lot of ideas for other types of music, and would love to do more of it. And I know I can do it. I have a lot of ideas for the next volume. I have ideas for several soundtracks I’ve thought of, but never had time to make. Hopefully I can try some of those ideas out. I’m pleased with your vote of confidence in me. Even though I had a few things I wanted to get accomplished, I still got this finished. I don’t think anything I do is ever wasted. All of my ideas, even the ones I don’t think of until weeks later, are useful at some point. And even the ones I never get to are useful in developing the next thing. Voted ? Hi Alex, Thank you so much c9d1549cdd


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    What’s new in Corrupted Commander:

    by Olivier Lecarpentier “For twenty years man has been going up to the Moon. At the same time, he has made himself into an adult.” Marc Girard, eclipse specialist In the depths of night, the Sun, Earth and Moon align. A dark sky envelops them as the Moon gets closer. A curious observer is preparing for a rare event: a total solar eclipse will fly across our solar system. Such an unprecedented sky event awakes curiosity about the lunar surface, earth’s vast satellite. Whoever wants to best capture it on film or take photographs will have to prepare for the unknown. Nothing is known about the lunar surface in the shadow of the Moon. What are its astronauts doing during an eclipse? Will they send pictures to the surface of the Earth? The Moon, Earth and Sun are approaching the Piazza Unità di Trieste in Piazza Indipendenza in central Trieste (Italy). On June 29, 2016 the Full Moon will occult the Sun and the Moon will turn a dark shade, and the sun will be replaced by a ring: an annular eclipse. The sun’s surface is relatively small, what about the Moon? On the dark full moon of the last days of summer, it shines up to 44 000 kilometers away. The front of the Moon has no atmosphere, that is why it forms the perfect mirror surface of the Earth. As a small moon of 5 830 000 km², the orbits of Earth and Moon are separated. Thus, during the eclipse, the Earth’s moon will appear on the solar surface as a large disk. A month earlier, Europe is under the shadow of yet another Moon: its lunar companion. Among the tourists in Florence, Cambridge and Liege, it goes unnoticed. But the shortest day approaches. The eclipsed moon will certainly light up the nights of thousands of astronomers. For them, it is the greatest celestial event of the century. The starting point of the Moon The more powerful the lens, the bigger the image. The Moon is fished by telescopes of all types. A pint-sized cardboard box or magnifying glass is enough to bring it to its eyes. Its ratio of five to one is simple. When we can see ten times as many stars in the sky, we call for a bigger telescope. The new Moon is fished by Pierre Amico, 61, in Liege


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    Explore a vast and randomly generated galaxy and be the first to discover the remains of the Irradiated. Looking into the crystals on the corpses left behind by the Irradiated reveals an Alien race. Founded by the Ancients. This dangerous Civilization was destroyed, remaining only traces of their Primitive technology. The alien species are very hostile and cannot be reasoned with. Without a single exception, they will attack the first signs of an Unbeliever. Our goal is to locate the last unknown systems of this unknown civilization. We must find out what happened to them. -Planet Scan: Thorough the galaxy, generate the ships radar, x-ray, and infrared so you can find it all. -Stealth: Find out what happened by surviving to reach the planets in order to see what happened to them. -No Reputation: Find out what happened by surviving to reach the planets. -Massive Opponent: Find out what happened by surviving to reach the planets. In our time a civilization has risen. It is a strange and frightening thing. The common man believes that the races you can see on TV, that is, the big ones are the best. And so the public shares the ideas of this inferior race. But the privileged think otherwise. The Alpha Race, something that will not die. Technology has changed Earth, the inhabitants of this planet are no longer the same as in the past. You and your team must investigate the events surrounding these changes. In this distant world, you must find out how do you find what remains of an ancient civilization. Your job is to find another more distant stars in our vast Universe. The universe is great, Its different, The stars are so far away and millions of years ago, only the Alpha race, was left with the ‘Memory of this massive extinction. Show All -Planet Scan: Thorough the galaxy, generate the ships radar, x-ray and infrared so you can find it all. -Stealth: Find out what happened by surviving to reach the planets in order to see what happened to them. -No Reputation: Find out what happened by surviving to reach the planets. -Massive Opponent: Find out what happened by surviving to reach the planets. Unknowing, humans find a strange civilization, primitive but very advanced, they can control the elements


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